Emily Nasche Fall 2018 J1 Student

I took this class because I wanted to get more into the media aspect of news and reporting, I learned proper techniques for interviewing and how to capture pictures that go along with the story I am creating. I also learned lots of ways to design and create using indesign which can help me in the future if I ever decide to go into journalism or any media outlet job.

I plan to join Yearbook after this year to utilize my skills and create more stories because I love getting to create stories that can influence others.

I loved this class and how it was setup, it was thoroughly described on what was needed and the assignments were actually fun and got you to think. If I could change anything in this class it would be to do more photo capturing stories, we didn't get to that till the end of the semester and I wish we could've gotten to it sooner.


Journalism Basics

Google Docs
Copy of Newsworthiness

- this assignment was assigned for students to see which types of articles are important information and which articles sometimes aren't needed to be published - These quizzes test you over proper ways to use words such as effect and affect

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Copy of 2018 Law & Ethics/ shattered glass/ 1st amendment quiz

- This assignment was to teach us how about the law and ethics behind journalism - This movie was about an aspiring journalist who made up stories to further his career. - this assignment was given to see if students thought people use their first amendment correctly


In Design
1 in 1600 news story and design

This story was on of our biggest ones- we had to create a story and put it into In Design with pictures we had taken to create a clean format.

Google Docs
hacker story/ leads/ headlines/ using quotes

- this story was the first story we wrote of the semester it was the foundation that helped us to know how to write a journalistic story. - this assignment was used to help students properly address people and make quotes within a story - this assignment was created to help students know how to start their stories the correct way.

news story and design

this story was assigned to allow students to create their own story, in this assignment we had to interview people and create a story from the interview. We had to create a template in InDesign and format it to make the story look presentable


Google Docs
pancake perfection

I liked this assignment because it allowed us to put all the aspects of journalism into one project and designing a page was really cool.


this assignment was all about creating our own infographics to go along with information we had gathered. Overall it was a very fun but tedious project.

indesign and google docs
Pathfinder/ Typography

These assignments were given to allow students to 1. create their own infographics and 2. to see how the colors you choose affect the overall image of your page.


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Copy of iPhone Photo Shoot

this assignment was very fun being able to photograph what we wanted and writing captions made the pictures more exciting- we learned how to capture the moment and framing pictures the correct way .