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Emilie Moreland

Writer/ Content Strategist

Location icon United States of America

Over 12 years of experience in marketing, SEO, and professional writing & editing.

I'm a writer at heart, so although a large portion of my job now involves editing and strategy, I always keep my hand dipped in the writing inkwell too.

Other things to talk to me about at a cocktail party include travel, dance, wine, and food.

*Content Strategy *Editing *Content Writing *Email Copywriting *Website Copywriting


Website Copywriting

Content Writing

Make Your Own Amazing Business Cards: The Ultimate Guide

A guide to make your own business cards that are not only high quality, but speak directly to your audience: your connections. This means you will make more connections, find more leads, and close more sales. Learn how to print your own business cards now.

The People Behind PrintPlace: Pressmen Edition

The pressmen of PrintPlace are a tough lot. They run a tight print shop to meet short deadlines and maintain a top quality product. They work with computers, room-size printing presses, paper, ink, detail, and quick problem solving on a daily basis.

13 Top Content Marketing Quotes You Need in Your Life (and the Research Behind Them)

I, like so many others, emerged from a sea of content and orange Friday, as another year of Content Marketing World came to a close. I find myself gasping for air as I try to wrap my arms around all of the knowledge and amazing people I met over the course of the conference. I’ve compiled some of the best tidbits about content, marketing, and the tools we use every day.

Email Copywriting

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