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Emefa Setranah is a twenty-year-old third-year student at the University of Manchester. She is studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Screen studies with hopes of becoming an entertainment journalist. Emefa's work can be found on her Wordpress blog 'Forever Film', and she has contributed articles to The Guardian, Unidays, MoviePilot and The Mancunion.

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The Mancunion
11 PM booze ban proposed for the Ancoats area | The Mancunion

A plan to ban the sale of alcohol in licensed venues in Ancoats after 11 pm has been proposed. There will be an allowance of half an hour drinking up time afterwards. Recent renewal in the Ancoats area of Manchester has seen small businesses and increased accommodation turn it into an urban hotspot for young professionals.

the Guardian
Small-town campus vs the urban university - what's right for you?

It isn't only your choice of degree subject that will shape your student life - location can make all the difference. Two student writers explain what it's been like for them to study in an unfamiliar place. My rude awakening began at the bus stop. "Mum, guess what?

Film Articles

In Defense Of '13 Reasons Why' And Its Hard Look At Bullying Today

ByEmefa Setranah, writer at Creators.co A 20 year old English and Film student with crazy hair and the personality to match. Based on the 2007 novel by Jay Asher and adapted by Brian Yorkey for Netflix, 13 Reasons Why tells the tragic story of Hannah Baker.

Forever Film
Oscars 2017: Is the diversity drought over?

The 2015 and 2016 Academy Awards were infamous for having no diversity what so ever. It was in the wake of this that the pressure of social media piled onto the academy. The #Oscarssowhite movement garnering much attention and called for change. This year, many accolades for acting have shown more diversity.

Emma Watson Can Pose Semi-Nude If She Damn Well Pleases

Posted by Emefa Setranah user4198143 The 26-year-old actress is the latest cover star of this month's issue of Vanity Fair. However, there is one image in particular that is causing a stir among people with very backwards thoughts concering women and their bodies.

Why Is 'La La Land' Receiving Such A Negative Fan Response?

ByEmefa Setranah, writer at Creators.co Let's all be honest here for a moment - in any other year La La Land would most definitely have won the Oscar for best picture. The whole debacle with the announcement mix up at this years #Oscars proves in a way that they were favored (and even expected) to have won.

5 Amazing Movies To Watch During Black History Month

ByEmefa Setranah, writer at Creators.co Black History month, or African American History month as it is known in America, is an annual event every February in the US and Canada. There is also a UK version celebrated in October.


Forever Film
Moonlight Review

Moonlight is the best film about the hardships of the black experience in recent times. It shows the fragile, vulnerability of the black man before the torments of the world harden his exterior. This perspective of black men is rarely shown in the media.

The Mancunion
Review: A United Kingdom | The Mancunion

David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike prove that interracial love is far more than just black and white By Emefa Setranah At opposite ends of the room Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike) locks eyes with the intriguing Seretse Khama (David Oyelowo) at a dance in late 1940s London.