Elora Tocci

Communications Director

Elora is a news writer, a speechwriter, a ghostwriter, and a reader. She believes in the power of stories to push forward movements for gender equity, racial justice, and dignity for all human beings. That's why she's committed to helping people craft their stories and using what she sees and hears to tell stories of her own

Elora is from the Hudson Valley and is all about New York values, pizza, good beer, great conversation, and the Oxford comma.

The Robertson Center - Learning About the Past to Empower the Future

Elora Tocci - May 24, 2019 It's the first day of Jess Johnson's U.S. History class. Her sixth graders are looking at her expectantly, waiting to start learning about King George III or the lost colony of Roanoke. Instead, class starts with much more recent history - an assignment for scholars to tell the story of their birth.

CCC New York
Lauren Duca: An Advocate Online and Off

Lauren Duca, the recipient of our 2017 Vanguard Award, has no shortage of topics to cover in her weekly Teen Vogue column, Thigh-High Politics. She often has the opposite problem: With so much confusing and complicated news coming out of Washington, it can be hard to know where to focus.

The Robertson Center - Mindfulness for the Educator's Soul

Elora Tocci - November 16, 2018 "I don't know if I can do this." "I'm exhausted." "I'm not cut out for this job." Julia King Pool, 2013 DC Teacher of the Year, knows what it's like to teach with these thoughts running constantly through your mind. She also knows where they too often lead.

Fencing for the Future

I made it to the Olympics because I hated gym class. Back in seventh grade, I saw signs near the gym in my middle school advertising a sweet deal: Sign up for fencing, get out of PE. "Cool," I thought. "Sign me up!" It's not exactly a storybook beginning to an Olympic career.

CCC New York
Breaking down barriers in Brownsville

Mary Tobin can barely contain her excitement about the progress Brownsville is making. Tobin is the director of The Brownsville Partnership, an initiative of Community Solutions to address employment, safety, and neighborhood conditions. She knows the challenges the community faces, and the stats

Hudson Valley Parent
Help with the tough stuff

Whether you have a preschooler questioning the logic of a stork delivering his baby sister or a teenager who wants to go on birth control, there are plenty of ways to make talking about sex with your kids a healthy, productive discussion. And Planned Parenthood Mid-Hudson Valley is here to help.

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