Elliott Lewis-George

Content Producer and Writer

Location icon Canada

Elliott is a content producer and writer currently living in Vancouver, Canada.

Elliott writes for various magazines and websites and covering a broad selection of subject matter, from menswear to the simple pleasure of sweet potato (seriously, read below).

Reach him on the usual social channels @ElliottLGeorge or email [email protected] for more information.

Zoom-Zoom — Mazda's Official Magazine
Jean Genie

Naked & Famous Denim stitches a little Canadian charm into every pair of its top-quality jeans

Zoom-Zoom — Mazda's Official Magazine
It Takes A Town To Make A Shirt…

…is the mantra behind every McNair garment made locally in Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire. We meet the close-knit team behind these handmade shirts

The Holborn Magazine
Timothy Everest, Bespoke Tailor

Timothy Everest MBE is much more than a tailor. He's also more than just another designer of impeccable, timeless garments. Vogue might celebrate the fact that Everest has "dressed some of the world's most famous people" but he's certainly more than a stylist to the stars.

Umbrella, Issue Thirteen
'Store Thing

London's Garbstore is a menswear shop alive with craftsmanship, experimentation and a love of detail…

Zoom-Zoom – Mazda's Official Magazine
Cold Soul

It's a long way to California, but that doesn't put off the hardy surfers of Cornwall. Zoom-Zoom dips its toe in…

Umbrella, Issue Fourteen
The Umbrella-Ist: Aaron Draplin

Owners of the Field Notes pocket books will already be acquainted with the design work of Aaron James Draplin, the larger-than-life graphic designer from the Midwest…

Umbrella, Issue Fourteen
Money For Old Rope

A specialist sailing shop in London's West End is a magnet for mariners and fashion fans alike, as Elliott Lewis-George discovers…

Umbrella Issue Thirteen
The Simple Pleasures Of Sweet Potato

I was about ten when my dad plonked a plate down in front of me with what honestly looked like a dehydrated turd sitting on it. "That's a sweet potato," he said…

Umbrella, Issue Eight
A Knockdown Price

In his memoirs of the Spanish Civil War, writer George Orwell described how it felt to be shot in the throat. Seventy-five years later, Elliott Lewis-George remembers a bolt from the blue that still hurt long after the physical pain had gone…

Rhythmic Clicking
72 hours in Berlin

I always struggle to articulate what attracts me to Berlin. Since my first trip at the age of sixteen, I feel like I'm selling my favourite city short when I reach for the "so cool" cop out without elaborating further. I'd blame the hazy comedowns but that excuse soon wears thin.

Umbrella, Issue Nine
Why Cities Are Good For You

This magazine makes no secret of its devotion to the concept of the city. Elliott Lewis-George sits down with write and historian Leo Hollis, author of 'Cities Are Good For You: The Genius Of The Metropolis' to try and understand why we love them so much…

Umbrella, Issue Twelve
The Simple Pleasures Of An Indian Resturant

Trendy grub appears, sells out an vanishes from our Instagram feeds quicker than you can devour a ramen burger. Yet the humble Indian resturant remains, the opposite of some flash-in-the-pan money-spinner where meals are served on a slate…

Umbrella, Issue Seven
Just Our Type

The Imperial 50 shows that nothing embodies the soul of writing more than the typewriter, argues Elliott Lewis-George (vehemently)…

Umbrella, Issue Twelve
The Umbrella-Ist: The Gentle Author

Since August 2009, the anonymous 'Gentle Author' has spent every day documenting east London on the Spitalfields Life blog. From profiling the capital's oldest fireman to exploring Whitechapel's strip of fried chicken shops…

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