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Freelance Writer

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Freelance Writer/Journalist based in Sydney.

Muse Magazine
How to pursue a creative career - Muse Magazine

For many pursuing a creative career in their chosen craft is no more than a distant dream. Elena Iacovou chats with three women who have found fulfillment in pursuing their passions and are encouraging others to do the same.

Escaping extremism: Life after ISIS captivity

Inside ISIS territory, throughout Iraq and Syria, there's a non-profit that's rescuing women and children from capture. The organisation is Heraion Foundation. This is how aid is currently being provided to innocent victims of war, caught on the front lines.

Halve your risk of dementia by dieting

A NEW eating plan that favours green leafy vegetables and berries over red meat and cheese could halve your risk of dementia. Elli Jacobs reports You can halve your risk of developing Alzheimer's with food. Sound too good to be true?

The Sydney Morning Herald
When it comes to breast cancer treatment, is a double mastectomy a good idea?

In 2013, Renee Gani, then 36, received the news every woman dreads. "Being large-busted, I always had a habit of checking myself," she says. "I found a lump in my right breast and waited for a week hoping it would disappear." But a biopsy confirmed it was indeed breast cancer.

Health HQ
Life purpose: find your ikigai - Health HQ

If you're dragging yourself out of bed every morning it may be because you haven't found your ikigai yet. That's what fuels your day, keeps you going, and holds the key to a long and happy life. Ikigai (pronounced "eye-key- guy") is a combination of the Japanese words "iki" which translates to "life" and "gai" - used to describe value or worth.