Ellen Wallwork

Freelance journalist and editor

United Kingdom

Ellen Wallwork is a freelance journalist and editor who specialises in lifestyle, parenting, health, mental health, nutrition, fashion, beauty and green living.

She is currently working as a freelance shopping writer at Yahoo Life UK and her work has also been featured in Women's Health UK, The Strategist UK, Stylist, HarpersBazaar.com, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Express and Waitrose Weekend.

She is also the founder of The Little Things, a monthly parenting newsletter about all the niggling worries that keep parents up at night.

Previously Ellen worked as Life Editor at HuffPost UK, where she launched two sections: Parents and Style. While there she managed a team of reporters and commissioned, edited and wrote daily news, long-form features and opinion pieces. She was involved in the Young Minds Matter project, which shone a spotlight on the importance of caring for children’s mental health and kicked off with a guest editorship by the Duchess of Cambridge. The campaign was Highly Commended at the Drum Online Media Awards in 2016.

During her four and a half years at HuffPost, Ellen steered the Style section's focus on diversity and sustainability, and led the coverage of London Fashion Week.

She also previously worked for Parentdish and Healthy Food Guide magazine.

Email: [email protected]

Find more of my work on Contently: https://ellenkwallwork.contently.com/

NUJ Freelance Directory: http://www.freelancedirectory.org/user.php?name=Ellen.Wallwork

The Little Things newsletter: https://littlethings.substack.com/

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