Ellen Friedrichs

Health & Sexuality Educator & Writer

I'm a health educator, writer and mom to three kids. I run a middle and high school health education program in Brooklyn and teach in the health education department at Brooklyn College. For a number of years I was a contributing writer for Everyday Feminism and for many years I edited About.com's LGBT teens site. These days
a lot of my writing can be found at Rewire News. I've also written for the Washington Post, the HuffPost and others. Plus, I answer questions on the okayso app. Much of my writing is related to health and sexuality (both of the adolescent and the adult variety), and some of it covers my experiences parenting. Contact me at [email protected]



Assorted Articles and Blogs

Washington Post

Perspective | As a Jewish child, I was aware of anti-Semitism. Now I struggle to discuss it with...

November 12 at 9:00 AM In 1985, my family's synagogue in Vancouver, B.C., was firebombed and burned to the ground. Public figures, including the mayor, expressed shock that such...


How to Stay Solvent in a One-Income Household

A few years ago, I unexpectedly found myself raising two kids on one income. In my case, the situation was the result of my partner's sudden death, so the change was utterly...


5 Must Dos to Put on Your Estate-Planning Checklist

At the end of 2012, my partner died suddenly. He was 40, I was 37, and our two kids were only 3 and 6. His death from a rare heart condition was a devastating shock. But so was...

Rewire News

Articles on teen sexuality and sexual health and how our current approaches aren't really doing the trick.


In Canada, Ontario Premier's War on Sex Ed Sows Confusion and Sparks Protests - Rewire.News

Earlier this year, voters in Ontario, Canada, elected the right-wing Progressive Conservative Party into power, making controversial populist Doug Ford the province's premier....


The '62 Days' Filmmaker on the Laws That Can Turn a Brain-Dead Pregnant Person Into an...

Pregnancy exclusion clauses have been making their way into legislation on states' advance directives since the 1990s. These laws override any advance directive about...


Five Ways Adults Can Help Support LGBTQ Youth - Rewire.News

I have been teaching sex ed for nearly 15 years, and keeping pace with an ever-changing world has meant regularly adjusting the topics I cover in class. But this year, I...

All my articles as a contributing writer for the site

Everyday Feminism

Check out some of my favorites, to the right and below.

Everyday Feminism

4 Ways We Teach Boys It's Normal to Pressure Girls Sexually

by Ellen Friedrichs If you grew up in the United States, it is almost inevitable that you've been subject to a few standard aphorisms. These include things like: "Anyone can...

Everyday Feminism

4 Ways Parents Can Battle How Society Hypersexualizes Their Children

One day, when I was about twelve, my younger cousin Sasha and I were dancing in our grandmother's living room as my mom and a few other adults chatted in the kitchen a few feet...

Everyday Feminism

4 Reasons Why We Should Stop Stigmatizing Women's Body Hair

News flash: Women have body hair. Armpits, legs, genitals - even faces. And it's become a widely accepted rule that they must remove this hair. Some women choose to do this...

Everyday Feminism

Your 5 Most Common Questions About Alcohol and Consent - Answered

The first time I formally learned about was in grad school. I was training as a peer sexuality educator, and we did an exercise where we had to decide which activities needed to...

Everyday Feminism

Why We Martyr Single Dads, But Demonize Single Moms (And What To Do About It)

Recently, I was gossiping with my neighbor about a mutual friend whose wife had moved out, making him the primary parent to their two- and four-year-old children. "He's been...

Hold the Line

How Sexism Hurts Boys

Modern Loss

A number of personal essays I have written on raising my kids following the sudden death of my partner.


Here I've written about parenting, money, feminism, and estate planning.


A few pieces on single parenting, birth control and sexism

Here are some additional articles for DailyWorth on a few more topics.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

The Kishori Vatika Night Shelter in India