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Ellen Fitzpatrick

News Editor - The College View ¦ Production Assistant - The College View ¦ Reporter for The Irish Mirror ¦ Freelance reporter

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I am a journalism student in DCU who has experience in all fields of the industry. I have been news editor of DCU's student newspaper, The College View, along with writing in all other sections of the paper, a regular contributor for the Irish Daily Mirror, for which I have been in the physical paper multiple times, and various online platforms.
I have also gained experience in radio with a current affairs based radio show on DCUfm, Yes We May, and TV work in the same field with DCUtvNews. I also regularly appear on The College Review, a podcast that coincides with the student newspaper.


Portfolio Report

The Irish Mirror

Rare parrot found on a Dublin Airport runway reunited with her owner

The parrot found on the runway at Dublin Airport on Sunday has been reunited with her owner. The rare African Grey parrot, which is named Hugo, found her owner after a social media appeal and help from Lidl. Hugo was reunited with her owner Lubomir Michna who said he was "so happy to get his baby back."

Irish crash victim's daughter slams gruesome M50 video

The daughter of tragic Eugene Maher, who lost his life in horror 2015 crash, has criticised the videos and images of the M50 tragedy circulating social media. Lisa Marie Maher has said that the gruesome videos and images will cause more distress for the family.

Calls to make 'upskirting' illegal after it becomes a criminal offence in the UK

The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre is calling for upskirting to be made a criminal offence in Ireland after the law was passed in the UK. CEO Noeline Blackwell has said that it's time for the country's legislation to catch up with technology. Upskirting is the act of taking an unsolicited image up a woman's skirt.

HSE reveals number of deaths from swine flu

Nine people have died this winter from influenza in Ireland, the HSE has said. Three of these nine died within the first two weeks of the new year, according to an update given by the HSE. The influenza virus that has been prominent this year is known as the H1N1 virus, or swine flu that has previously taken a toll on the country.

Ryanair fined €3million over the handling of their new baggage policy

Ryanair has been fined €3million over its new hand luggage policy. The airline changed its policy in November which now only allows for one small personal bag to be brought on board with any other bags having to be paid for. Those who purchase priority boarding are given the opportunity to bring a carry-on on board free of charge.

MyTaxi is rebranding again

Cab app MyTaxi have announced they are rebranding again to become FREE NOW. The app's majority shareholder Daimler have teamed up with BMW to create a new mobility brand family which MyTaxi are set to join. The company rebranded back in 2017 from Hailo which cost the company €5million.

Irishwoman gets locket with dead son's hair back 10 years later

An Irishwoman has been reunited with her stolen locket containing a locket of her dead son's hair. The locket was stolen 10 years ago during a burglary at her home in Limavady, Co Derry in 2009. The woman, who wants to remain unnamed, said that she had given up hope of ever seeing the jewellery again after the incident.