Ellena Rowlin

Freelance writer

Location icon United Kingdom

A freelance writer from London, England. I have had published articles at Marie Claire, Red Magazine, BT lifestyle and the Romford and Ilford Recorder.

I graduated from the University of Sheffield in Journalism BA (Hons) in July 2017, where I was Features Editor for Forge Press (the student media outlet) and Fashion Editor for Liberty Belle magazine.

I am most interested in feature writing, reportage, and interviewing, and am engaged mostly with fashion and lifestyle, current debates, travel writing and any issues affecting women and girls across the world.

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Students for Sale

An in-depth look at an emerging trend in the sex industry

Marie Claire
Durex Are Tackling Orgasm Inequality With Their New Campaign

Words by Ellena Rowlin We're all about equality in every sense of the word- and that includes the Big O. Yet recent research reveals that 2 out of 3 women don't orgasm when they have sex - that's a shocking 400 million missing orgasms. Happily for us, Durex have made it their mission to tackle this orgasm inequality in the UK with their Orgasms for All campaign.

10 simple steps to becoming a minimalist

By Ellena Rowlin Getty We thought it was just a trend that spawned Pinterest boards and IKEA showrooms alike. But it turns out minimalism is not only satisfying our inner interior goddess, but our mental happiness too. Fumio Sasaki, author of Goodbye, things has documented his transition to a completely minimalist life and says: "There's happiness in having less".

Forge Press
The Girl Complex

"Leave her be, it's that time of the month." "Pull your top up, you're asking for it." "That bloody Facebook, she never comes off of it." No, you're not being transported back to your teenage years in a horrendous and fairly unwelcome time warp.

Beachy clean: 11 of the UK's cleanest beaches to visit

There's nowhere better to relax and escape the worries of the world than on a British beach, and with 64% of us taking a domestic break last year, beaches around the UK are proving as much of a draw as any foreign resort.

Romford Recorder
Romford fitness class brings out fighting spirit

Archant Many hunt for an exciting way to get fit and tone up that doesn't involve a treadmill or heavy weights. Well, I've found it - body combat. Reporter Ellena Rowlin with instructor Vicky Young I went to Central Park Leisure Centre, Gooshays Drive, Romford, to try out this high energy workout and see if it motivated me to improve my fitness.

this is what being cheated on does to your mental health

By Ellena Rowlin GETTY Anyone who has been cheated on, knows the devastating impact it can have on your mental health, leaving you feeling insecure, paranoid and full of self-blame, but now a new study has looked into what happens to your own behaviour afterwards.

Liberty Belle Magazine
Top 5 fashion watches you need to see NOW - Liberty Belle Magazine

We love a good Netflix, biscuits and tea session as much as the next one, but watching an insightful documentary on your favourite designer, and enlightening yourself to the lustful world of high fashion at the same time? Sounds like there couldn't be much better.

Marie Claire
Shared Ownership Schemes Are A First-Time Buyer's Secret Weapon

Shared ownership schemes are the new kid on the housing block - but what are they and how can they help first-time buyers to get on the property ladder? Words by Ellena Rowlin Yep, we're going to talk about housing, specifically shared ownership schemes, since this is the buzz-term de jour.

Liberty Belle Magazine
Yeezy Season 3 - Liberty Belle Magazine

Yeezy Season 3 lived up to the hype. Kanye really did outdo himself for his third NYFW collection, renting out the relatively oversized space of Madison Square Gardens to host both a fashion show and debut his seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo. With the inevitable Kardashian/ Jenner clan watching the show in, pretty ...