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I am a third year Journalism and Creative Writing student at Falmouth university. My writing covers a range of interests from opinion pieces and features to creative screenplays and short stories.



Bath Quakers
Young Bath Quakers impressed by Greta Thunberg at London climate summit

Ella Jones writes Young Bath and Bristol Quakers had front row seats at Friends House in London last week for a climate summit with 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and others. The event was hosted by British Quakers and several climate NGOs and broadcast by Guardian Live.

Bath Quakers
Advices, queries and the Stansted 15: some Bath Quaker views

by Ella Jones A group of activists, otherwise known as the Stansted 15, chained themselves to a grounded plane to protest a wrongful deportation. Bath Quakers reflect on the Stansted 15's near miss under terrorism charges. During the recent Stansted 15 trial, fifteen peaceful protesters were close to being convicted under terrorism laws after chaining...

Creative Writing

Falmouth University English & Creative Writing
Anywhere you want to go

Thailand. Africa. Cornwall. Anywhere you want to go, you can go. Anywhere I want to go, you have been. Hannah talks to me about her travel experiences. How, moving to Cornwall from Bristol at the age of eight was clearly a drastic change; a similar one to myself, moving from Bath to London and back, though I was four (or younger) so my memory of that is not clear.


Ella's World
Ella's World

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