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Salon Tour: The Well

In downtown LA, an unobtrusive pink neon sign on the bare walls of a warehouse reads, "The Well." It has all the markings of being an urban-cool, yet-to-be-discovered venue - and it is. However, these walls also house an upscale salon and boutique owned by Jefferson Tangradi and Alex Weidner.

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Thinking Above the Beard

Sporting a beard is practically a right of passage for men - it usually happens at least once or twice in a man's lifetime. Plus, they intimidate bears, increase outdoorsy skills and radiate manliness. There do seem to be a few questions about which haircut to pair with facial hair, however.

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Smooth Operator: Going Sleek for Fall 2014

The fashions shown at the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014 were accompanied by soft, smooth texture in hair. Classic poise met modern nonchalance in the effortlessly refined styles on the runway. "What is trending for textured hair is subtle texture with an organic, touchable feel," says Matrix Artist Robert Santana.

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A Modern Edge to Classic Styles in the 2014 World Cup

Players of the 2014 World Cup have paid special attention to their hair to establish their own unique identities on the field - and we've noticed! From classic hard parts to slicked back height to lighter, brighter accent pieces, these team players know how to attract their own personal fans.

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Family Matters: An Interview with TONI&GUY CEO Bruno Mascolo

TONI&GUY's website features the statement: "British precision, Italian flair: Italian finishing coupled with English precision cutting and personalization techniques sets TONI&GUY Hair Salons apart from the rest." This line, like MODERN's conversation with TONI&GUY's CEO Bruno Mascolo, demonstrates confidence in the brand and proves authenticity by the history it reflects.

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Guy Code: Texture Looks to Crave

Follicle inspiration from our favorite Hollywood hunks. MIGUEL: Musician and singer Miguel's naturally curly hairstyle is effortless but requires the right products and proper care. "Curly hair at medium length that has layers and a solid shape will look great for any curl type," says Mizani celebrity artist Cesar Ramirez.

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Hidden Undercuts

When Johnny Spanakos, a student at Paul Mitchell the School in Costa Mesa, California, first created a hidden undercut, he never predicted the response it would get. "What happened was, I had a girl come in who already had that style of haircut, it was just very grown out and messy," said Spanakos.

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Extension Creativity

Need to correct a haircut? No problem. How about some chemical-free highlights? Consider it done. As one of the most profitable categories in professional beauty, hair extensions provide a variety of unique, money-making opportunities for stylists.