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This is a small repository of my content marketing work. Over the years I have developed a varied content marketing portfolio. I have written everything including: Whitepapers, Blog Posts, Ebooks, Press Releases, and Enewsletters.

Along with content marketing, I have significant experience with reporting and other professional documents.


Web Content

Simple A | Solution Partner | Kentico CMS for ASP.NET

Profile: Simple [A] handles Kentico integrations, management, and support across web properties, stakeholders, and audience groups. I created marketing collateral for Kentico to share with potential customers.

W-Systems | Sales and Marketing Technology Solutions

W-Systems delivers sales & marketing technology solutions and advanced training for SugarCRM, Goldmine, wMobile, MapView and related solutions. I provided Content Marketing Strategy Consulting, copywriting, and design consultation services.

Texas Children's Health Plan

Texas Children's Health Plan was founded in 1996 by Texas Children's Hospital. I provided content marketing strategy consultation and audit, and design consultation.

Austin Home Search
Austin Home Search Homes for Sale Austin | Austin Homes

Welcome to AustinHomeSearch, the official Austin real estate search brought to you by the Austin Board of REALTORS. While working for ABoR, I provided copywriting, and blog writing and editing services.

ABoR.com - Austin Board of REALTORS®

Austin Board of REALTORS® brings members quality MLS service, legislative representation, educational offerings and networking opportunities. I provided Copywriting and website management services.

EyeCare 20/20
EyeCare 20/20 Laser & Cataract Eye Surgery

As a need for new content, I worked with the surgeons and doctors and created a new services section for the website. The new updated pages increased document downloads and webform submissions by 20%.

SEO Optimized Content - High Converting

Simple [A] - Sitecore CMS Consulting

Ad Copy: Sitecore CMS Consulting - 15 years of CMS experience - Advice based on your software needs. Simplea.com Stats: 3 of 22 Avg Ad Position, 80% in Top of Page

Press Releases



The Marketing Zen Group Newsletter
Social Media & Tourism

A whitepaper that discusses how tourism companies can best benefit from using social media.

Blog Posts

Viralheat Social Media Marketing Blog
The Rise of Big Data and Big Analytics, and the Inception of Return on Investment

If you’re in business — particularly in marketing, advertising, web development, sales or another other digital venue — then it’s safe to assume that you spend time on the internet reading. If you’re like me, you might tend to skim over terms that you don’t have the time to delve into. I’ve done that, and...

Customer Loyalty: 3 Tips for Building a Strong Customer Base

One of the fastest ways to build your customer base is by showing others how your current customers feel about your brand. Referrals are the fastest way to spread the word about who you are and what your brand is about. Referrals help you garner where you stand and can help you gain personal insight into your customers, allowing you to build upon and expand those relationships.

B2B Content Marketing: To Be Successful, Be Creative

In my mind there’s nothing better than dazzling thought-provoking web content like an engaging Pinterest account or a well-written e-book.A few weeks ago I had an interview that started me thinking about writing this blog post.

Austin Home Search
Understanding Austin’s energy efficiency ordinance | AustinHomeSearch

Under the ECAD Ordinance, some Austin homeowners are required to have an energy audit performed on their home prior to selling it and share that audit report with potential buyers. In most cases, an audit is required for homes lying within the Austin city limits that are older than 10 years and serviced by Austin Energy. (Exceptions apply, so talk to your REALTOR® about whether the ordinance will affect you.)

Email Campaigns

Social Campaigns

Simple [A] | LinkedIn

Welcome to the company profile of Simple [A] on LinkedIn. Simple [A] has one mission. We provide top-of-the-line content support for large agencies and...

Sal's Pizza | LinkedIn

Welcome to the company profile of Sal's Pizza on LinkedIn. Family owned and operated since 1990.What has made Sal’s Pizza such a unique and successful...

Pizza for a year contest

Lead generation contest. With every 800 likes, someone wins a full year of free pizza.


Press Mentions/Quotes

Blog Rolls

DP Solutions, Inc.
Elizabeth Miller - DP Solutions Author

Marketing Coordinator for DP Solutions, Inc., a managed services provider offering Dealership Management Software Solutions and IT Support to businesses.

Gratitude Point
Gratitude and the Good Life: Elizabeth E. Miller Archives

The idea behind the SCM is that behaviors do not change in a single step. Rather, people tend to progress through different stages on their way to successful change. Also, each of us progresses through the stages at our own pace.