Elise Kuchel

Digital Marketing Manager and Writer


I'm an intrepid creative who is passionate about content marketing and telling inspiring personal and brand stories. I'm also a mum to 18-month-old Treya Sage and I love to explore themes of health, wellbeing, lifestyle and the emotional highs and lows that come with parenting in my writing.

I have worked across a spectrum of content areas and markets and firmly believe a brand needs to understand its customers and be true to its ethos to succeed in today's digital ecosystem.

I am motivated by brands that challenge the status quo and am driven to communicate the stories of the real people who are making a difference in the world. I champion the grassroots small companies giving everything to make something truly special and am open to any interested brands looking for someone to help them tell their story.

Ray White Mt Gambier
House for Sale - 1 Wallace Street, Mount Gambier, SA 5290

Ray White Mt Gambier are delighted to present 1 Wallace Street, Mount Gambier.Picture the idyllic Tuscan retreat for the whole family, complete with grand renaissance entrance, rustic pillars, wooden shutters and doors and immaculate grounds with the perfect courtyard to entertain family and friends on those sunny days and balmy evenings.

Your Workplace Mental Health Checklist

We spend a huge chunk of our lives at work, thinking about work, otherwise engaged with workplace activities. We measure ourselves on the performance of our work and strive for that promotion, that raise, that acknowledgement!

Blog | blue white and grey - Cold Water Surfing | Dare To Dream

Cold Water Surfing | Dare To Dream Photo: Karl Mackie - www.mackie-studio.com Imagine waking up at the crack of dawn, emerging from a sleeping bag you've been cocooned in all night, unzipping your tent with frozen fingertips and reaching for the gas camp stove - preparing to thaw your hands with a hot cuppa.

South Australian Style Magazine
South Australian Super Mums

I spoke with three South Aussie mums challenging the perceptions and norms of motherhood and generally kicking but as human beings and mums.

Forage Supply Co. Join the Movement

When I sat down with Scott Rogasch and Justin Westhoff of Barossa Born 'Forage Supply Co.' on a piping hot morning at Stirling's Organic Market Cafe - I thought I was in for a fairly straightforward conversation about growing some veggies and cooking them up in a van, as a sustainable alternative to the food choices we currently have available in South Australia.

SA Style
Wear it with confidence

Investigative piece on an Adelaide not-for-profit giving disadvantaged women their power back.

Women in tech are a problem

Women in tech are a real problem. They're a problem because they're not there, not in the same numbers as their male counterparts. They've been absent from the conversation. But this is changing - we're seeing and hearing from talented women in tech roles who are reaching out, starting conversations and shining their beacon on an industry that can, and needs to do better at facilitating equality.

Women in tech are pretty awesome

Last week we spoke about the lack of women in tech roles and introduced Liv Franzen, Developer at Coull. We wanted to open a dialogue and help encourage more women to join the industry, and be confident to apply for senior roles.We're continuing the #womenintech series this week and are lucky to have 3 inspiring ladies featured in this blog.

Blog | blue white and grey - Light and shade: An introduction to Surf Photographer Nick Corkill

Light and shade: An introduction to Surf Photographer Nick Corkill Nick Corkill is a high school drop out who joined the navy at the impressionable and turbulent age of 16. Fast forward 20 years and who would believe he'd be sitting in a pub in the UKs most creative city, a cup filled with hot tea teetering on it's saucer being interviewed about surf photography?

ODV spells good news for publishers

The IAB last month released the Original Digital Video Consumer Study based around US audience's TV viewing, compared with original digital video viewing habits. The results aren't particularly surprising but they do paint an interesting picture of where media consumption is headed and it's something publishers need to take heed of in regard to how their content is presented.

The Limitations of Current Viewable Ad Technologies

Viewable video advertising has been and is a huge topic of conjecture in the digital ad industry. This is because of the struggle to come up with a consistent way to deliver and measure 100% ad viewability. There is a discrepancy within the industry as to what this term 'viewable' actually means.

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