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We Climbed Rooftops in Istanbul... and So Much More

We couldn't resist a quick weekend getaway to one of the world's most fascinating cities... and our fantasy of being pampered like royalty came to life at Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet. This luxury boutique hotel put us within walking distance of Istanbul's most dazzling sites where East and West collide - who's looking for a Turkish adventure?!

This is What it's Like To Spend 24 Hours at Burj Al Arab

A Rolls-Royce pick up, one of the most expensive beds in the world, and a 24-carat gold cappuccino... we spent 24 hours inside the world's only seven-star hotel to show you the level of luxury that you can expect from the moment you check in to the moment you check out.

Kitchen Talks With Michelin-Starred Chef Vineet Bhatia

'Black Butter Chicken' ... now that's something we bet you've never heard of before! Michelin-starred Chef Vineet Bhatia is a pioneer when it comes to high-end Indian food with a unique twist. We recently visited the newly-opened Rasoi by Vineet in Abu Dhabi for an exclusive sneak peek at the modern masterchef doing what he does best: transforming traditional Indian dishes into contemporary culinary creations!

OMG... Sephora Just Launched a Festive Fun Fair in Dubai!

Ready to play your way to beauty bliss? Sephora has just launched a festive playground at City Walk; the pop-up features beauty-themed games and professional Sephora makeup artists. We got into the festive spirit and went down to ' Gifts Beauty Park' for an afternoon of beauty competitions and a festive makeover!

Get Your Iftar Outfits Delivered to Your Door in 2 Hours

From last-minute Iftar invites to late-night Ramadan gatherings, having a wardrobe that can keep up with our busy social schedules is essential. Most of us end up going to last-minute Iftars straight from the office which comes with the ongoing struggle of "what do I wear?!"

This is the UAE's Newest Luxury Hotel (...and it's Not in Dubai!)

It's hard to get attention when your next-door neighbour is glitzy Dubai. But one of the UAE's most luxurious new hotels isn't in Dubai or even Abu Dhabi... it's in Sharjah! Located in the 'Heart of Sharjah', Al Bait feels like a home away from home with narrow alleyways, secluded courtyards and lantern-lit paths.

This Levant Dessert is the Definition of Cheese Heaven

Kanafeh, konafa, knefe... the name might be pronounced differently in various parts of the world, but it tastes just as delicious everywhere! This popular dessert is a favourited delicacy in the Levant region and each country has its own unique version of Kanafeh with a special twist.

These Hotels Are Giving You Free Nights - But Only With This Offer

The only thing better than traveling to a new destination... is traveling to a new destination and getting free nights at a hotel! Right now you can enjoy complimentary nights at over 200 hotels in the Middle East and Africa - and all you need is a Mastercard.

We Tested 35 Beauty Products & These Are Our Favourites!

Whether it's a Cheek & Lip Tint that will take you from day to night or a quick spray of Dry Shampoo for fresh hair on-the-go, we all need some travel size treats to carry around in our handbags. We recently went on a Sephora shopping spree and got our hands on 35 mini products to test for one month.

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