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Penguin on the Go
Twin Hike: Mt. Pamitinan & Hapunang Banoi Traverse to Wawa Dam

Mountain's name: Mt. Pamitinan Location: Rodriguez, Rizal MASL: 426+MASL Trail: Rock formation, Sharp limestone climb Difficulty: 4/10 Mountain's name: Mt. Hapunang Banoi Location: Rodriguez, Rizal MASL: 517+MASL Trail: Rock formation, Sharp limestone climb Difficulty: 4/10 It was supposed to be a trilogy hike as we impulsively accepted the "Montalban Trilogy Hike challenge" by our witty tour guide Kuya Eman.

Penguin on the Go
Mt. Pulag: Chasing the Sea of Clouds and the Rising Sun

Mt. Pulag is the highest peak in Luzon, Philippines as it is 9600 ft. above sea level. Location: Benguet MASL: 2922+ Trail: Plain Field, Muddy, Mossy Forest Difficulty: 3/9 As this is the highest mountain peak in our island group, Luzon, we are enticed to see the beauty atop and experience the talk of the town, the sea of clouds.

Endorsement Write-ups

Journey Spiritual Craft
Make Mother's Day Extra Special

What are people up to when it comes to Mother's day? It is more than special than any other special occasions, since mothers are very dearly to every children that are way given love and attention so we have to give them a great mother's day gift.

Journey Spiritual Craft
Find the Best Gift Idea for These 5 Type of Dads

Dads are incomparable and no two were made equal; some dad love cars, some love basketball, some love gadgets, and some shows great love with God. So what comes to your mind when you hear the word "father"?

Journey Spiritual Craft
Graduating with flying colors or graduating with God's favors?

Efforts and all hard works are finally paid off as graduates receive their diplomas and wear their graduation togas and caps. This month, graduating students are bracing themselves out of excitement as they face one biggest day of their lives which every one of us has dreamt of.

Food Blogs/ Restaurant Reviews

The 4th of July at NY Avenue Cafe Robinson's Balibago

As the Americans wave their flags every fourth of July as per commemoration of the declaration of their independence from the British empire, people supporting the US around the world celebrate with them as well. My favorite colleague and I went out for dinner with the sole purpose of seeing each other after a while.

Saturday Night at Imerex's Bella Vista

My good friend and I decided to hang out and reward ourselves from a long tiring week. I believe we're not the only students who waits for the weekend. Where else can we go besides the busy streets of Balibago? Should we go to a tea or coffee shop or find a new place to...

Church write-ups

COG Philippines
Church of God - Concepcion

Church Of God - Concepcion is a satellite church recently founded by Church Of God - Dau, under the leadership of Bro. Eliezer Rivera together with the support of his core leaders. The idea of building this church is conceived from an established existing care group at Bea's Peanut Butter headed by the company owners, Sis.

Student and Local Publications

The Pioneer (Angeles University Foundation Publication)
Ctrl+C: Posers & Parodies

The cyberspace has become a menage to different sorts of people ....