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One of the things that make the Delta-8 such a great choice of product is that it is all natural. No synthetic chemicals or preservatives will be added to the hemp gummy bear. When you add artificial ingredients to foods, the body begins to recognize them as harmful and a defense mechanism kicks into place. By removing these unnatural items, you are helping to build up the immune system so that you are better able to fight off common illnesses. A great product like this will have you feeling light years younger in no time flat.

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Alienize yourstate of mind. SHOP ALL Why Choose Us No Bleaches No Heavy metals​ Hemp-Derived​ Third-Party Tested​ All-Natural Ingredients​ Custom-Engineered Formulas​Our Bestsellers What is Delta-8 THC? There are two types of THC in the cannabis plant - delta-8 and delta-9. Despite similarities in the structure of these compounds, the effects...