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Elicia Mailhiot


Location icon United States

I am a freelance journalist, blogger, and communications assistant.

Current gigs include:
- Freelance Journalist for the Addison Eagle
- Freelance journalist for the Rutland Herald and
Rutland Reader
-Communications Assistant for Killington Chamber of

Past gigs include:
- Editorial Assistant for WellWed/Vermont Vows Magazine
- Reporter for the Castleton Spartan
- Page Designer for the Castleton Spartan
- Freelance Journalist for Green Energy Times
- Freelance Journalist for the Manchester Journal
- Managing Editor for the Castleton Spartan
- Advertising Executive for the Bennington Banner

Rutland Herald
Rescue Call: Mendon Native Braves Tough Conditions to Save Teammate

Published November 25, 2013 in the Molly Nash, center, supported by trip leader Ryan Cole and Leah Cooney, stands for the first time after the team splinted her injured leg. It would take two days for the students to get Nash out of the Mahoosuc Notch wilderness.

Rutland Herald
Four years later, injured snowboarder Pearce adjusts to new life

Four years later, injured snowboarder Pearce adjusts to new life When snowboarder Kevin Pearce woke up on New Year's Eve four years ago, he thought it would be just another day training for the Vancouver Olympics. "Today is only going to continue to get better," he said, smiling into a camera that morning. Pearce was wrong. The longtime Norwich resident suffered a traumatic brain injury after landing on his face in an icy Utah half-pipe. His life is documented in the Lucy Walker film,...

Rutland Reader
The Vermont Farmers Food Center: Growing for the future in Rutland

Last November, the Vermont Farmers Food Center opened its doors and quickly became a weekend destination for hundreds of locals. One year later, the folks who made it happen are not only looking back at their roots, but at the future of the facility and its impact on the community.

Rutland Reader
A need to feed: Aiding Vermont's food-insecure population

What does hunger look like in Vermont? It can't be the child you passed perched in the cart at the grocery store or the waitress who took your lunch order. That's too close to home, right? Maybe it's closer than we think.

Rutland Reader
A need to feed (part 2): The face of food insecurity in Vermont

Imagine this scenario: You're a hard-working Vermonter who goes to a job for eight hours a day, five days a week. You get home at night, kick your feet up and relax. A few hours later, you go to bed hungry because payday isn't for another two days and you're broke after paying rent, car insurance, and utilities.

Addison Eagle
When a Vermont community pulls together

Dec. 17 was a bittersweet day for me. My little hometown had seen its fair share of hard times in recent years: allegations of misconduct by city police officers, deadly hit and runs, and what seemed like daily reports about a drug dealer in town heading to Marble Valley.

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