Elena Shepherd

Copywriter/ Content Marketer

Location icon Barbados

An advertising and marketing graduate, who has gained sales and marketing experience in Barbados and the United Kingdom, trained in the creation of effective marketing campaigns, public relations materials and content marketing.

A finalist in the Chartered Institute of Marketing's (CIM) The Pitch 2016 Marketing Competition, demonstrating strong organisational, written and oral communication skills.

I am highly skilled in the development of effective marketing strategies, with a genuine interest in researching and writing engaging content to enhance brand awareness.

Student Wire
University News - Tips for surviving the summer

Listen up...the bees have got a secret. Summer is finally here! It's time to say goodbye to chunky over coats, thigh high boots and misery and say hello to longer days filled with sunshine and bliss.

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So long summer, until next year! - Student Wire

Goodbye summer and hello once again to the new academic year! Whether you've just gone into your first or third year at university, I'm sure you're missing the late nights, late lie-ins and long lazy days. It's difficult to get back into a fully functioning routine after a well-deserved holiday away from lectures, schedules and deadlines.

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Creating a healthier you - Student Wire

Feeling bloated, lethargic or just plain backed-up? Eating poorly can affect the way you feel and it most definitely can affect the way in which your body functions. It is easy to get caught up in a busy schedule and stop by the closest fast food restaurant on your way home.