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Hello! I am currently an Editorial Intern at WIRED magazine. I graduated from The London School of Economics and Political Science in the Summer of 2017 and am now a freelance writer.

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Hassan was close to death. Then doctors grew him a whole new skin

In Bochum, Germany, a small boy throws himself down a playground slide, landing triumphantly at the bottom. To the relief of his father, he is not bleeding. For seven year-old Hassan, this is a very big day. Two years earlier, in June 2015, Hassan was admitted to the burns unit of Ruhr University hospital in Bochum.

China is overrun with unicorns

Since the beginning of 2017, China has seen its fair share of unicorns. No, not the national animal of Scotland. We're talking about startups valued in excess of $1 billion. In 2017, 41 global technology companies have reached unicorn status, according to data intelligence platform CB Insights. Of those, 15 are from China.

What is an ICBM and how would the US defend against it?

After years of failed attempts, North Korea is now claiming it will launch its newly developed Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) on American territory Guam. In Hollywood style, president Donald Trump has retaliated with aggressive and chilling rhetoric. WIRED takes a closer look at ICBMs and what the technicalities of "fire and fury" would actually look like.

Islington Gazette
Islington's drivers are fined £1million a month

PA/Press Association Images Islington Council made £12million fining motorists for parking and traffic offences last year. Where does the money go? The council is clearly vigilant, but is it fair? James Morris and Eleanor Peake find out. Ian Campbell, owner of Borough Wines and Beers, sees much of the Englefield Road warden activity from his shop.

The Tab LSE
These girls managed to blag a private jet on jailbreak

And it's not even cheating The winners of this years Jailbreak took it up a level by managing to blag their way onto a luxurious private jet. As part of LSE Rag Week, Gee Linford-Grayson, Robyn Connelly-Webster and Julia Ryland, from team Motherruckers, managed to get the furthest out of London with only their fine-tuned blagging skills to aid them.

The Tab LSE
Mild scandal erupts as tables and chairs banned from AU night at Tuns

12On Monday, LSE announced the controversial decision to get rid of all tables and chairs from Wednesday AU nights at Tuns. This heartbreaking decision prompted confusion and outrage, with both the Feminist society and LSE's Woman's Officer, Gee Linford-Grayson, coming under attack as the arbitrators of these twisted events.

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