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Freelance Writer + Editor


I am the epitome of a Middle-Class Commuting Asian: a regular 9-5 (with side hustles, of course), a semi-adaptive accent, and a shopping problem. As a former magazine editor, I developed a taste for the finer things in life, even if I could never afford them. My current obsessions include joining rewards programs, attending indoor cycling and pilates classes, and paying off my credit card bill.

Here's the pitch: Hire me! I am a writer and editor with 9+ years of experience in the Philippine publishing industry. I have a particular interest in beauty, wellness, pop culture, and lifestyle. I specialize in writing:

> Profiles
> Articles + Blog Posts
> Press Releases
> Advertorials
> Event Scripts

I was the former editor-in-chief of Chalk Magazine and a regular contributor of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle articles in other local publications.

Currently, I contribute articles to local titles such as Metro.Style and Smart Parenting, write captions and blogs for brands and write scripts for live online events.

Get in touch through e-mail to discuss projects!




13 Under 30: The Fresh Faces of K-Drama's Next-Generation Actors

In the long list of Korean actors we've collectively gushed about since we caught #KFeveronMetro, many have already been in the spotlight for years. While we can't get enough of the OGs, of course, we can't help looking at all the new talents we inevitably encounter as we binge one episode after another at the end of a tiring day at work.

7 Most Stylish K-Drama Moms We Love!

As far as K-Dramas go, there's never a shortage of impeccably styled women in shows. Whatever the genre, wherever the setting, whoever the star, you can always rely on characters in South Korean television to be serving the best looks in each episode.

14 Years Of Lee Min-Ho: From Gu Jun-Pyo To Emperor Lee Gon

Perhaps one of his generation's most successful actors, Lee Min-ho and his enduring career in TV and film has spanned almost 15 years in South Korea and beyond. Prior to his official debut in 2006, he first made small appearances in several shows before he landed the role of Park Du-hyeon in Secret Campus.

Cop And Buy All Of Park Seo-Joon's High-End Street Style In 'Itaewon Class'!

Park Seo-joon's latest turn as Park Sae-roy in JTBC's adaptation of popular web-toon Itaewon Class is undoubtedly one of his best performances to date. The coming-of-age drama, which currently sits on the list of top 10 highest rated cable TV shows in Korea, bares his incredible acting range as we saw him veer away from his usual "Master of Romantic Comedy"-type roles.

These 10 K-Drama Heartthrobs Have The Best Skin

Anyone who is remotely aware of hallyu -basically, the Korean Wave we've come to know since the mid-aughts-know how South Koreans hold their beauty standards in such high regard. Beautiful skin is just expected from both men and women, even more so from their most popular celebrities.


Nadine, Unfiltered

The young superstar gets candid about discovering a renewed sense of self, proving her mettle, and keeping it real

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Anne Curtis opens up and shares intimate details of her relationship and upcoming marriage to fiancé Erwan Heussaff

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Starstudio gets to the bottom of this up-and-coming heartthrob’s phenomenal appeal

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Coleen Garcia takes a walk down memory lane before she walks down the aisle

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In a first for Metro Weddings, a couple graces the cover as picture perfect bride Isabelle Daza reveals the intimate details of her upcoming nuptials to fiancée Adrien Semblat this September

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There’s no arguing that the soon-to-be Mrs. Paul Soriano is, in the most un-ironic use of the hashtag, really and truly blessed

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The Walk to Forever

Nikki Gil talks exclusively to Metro Weddings about her untold love story with husband-to-be BJ Albert


In a sport dominated by men, young and competitive polo player Kim Lofgren tells Vault the perks of hitting like a girl


Apart From Maskne, You Should Watch Out For Contact Dermatitis. Here's Why!

It's been a year since we started living with COVID-19, which means it's been a year of mask- and face shield-wearing for all of us. These days, you really can't go around without these essentials. It has changed the way we live our day-to-day, including how we had to care for our skin after a whole day of wearing our masks.

This 4-Step Skincare Routine Is All You Need To Maintain Younger-Looking Skin

Since the dawn of the popular 10-step Korean skincare regimen, taking care of one's skin was never quite the same. You probably grew up with your mom's cold cream or your sister's facial cleanser, too, but skincare then was definitely not the intensive K-Beauty regimen introduced to us in 2011.

This Year's Promises: 6 Beauty Resolutions I Intend to Keep

Did last month just feel like a long-ass footnote to 2019 to you, too? It definitely did for me, so here I am trying to "start 2020 on the right foot" with resolutions now that I've gotten over the trial period that is January.

Beauty for Keeps: Makeup and Skincare I'm Holding Onto in 2020

The "new" in New Year is slowly wearing off as we usher in the Year of the Rat and start to count the last few days of January. At this point, the highs of celebrating the holidays and welcoming the new decade is about to be replaced by the steady hum of our usual routines once again.

A Balikbayan Mom's Guide To The Metro's Best Salons For A New Year Makeover

Being home for the holidays is undoubtedly one of the highlights of our year. Who doesn't look forward to a good ol' Filipino celebration of Christmas and New Year's? Though you come home to spend time with family, catch up with friends, enjoy your vacation, and celebrate the festive season, there should always be time to relax and unwind from everything that's going on, too.

Tried and Tested: Get Pampered with these Services in Metro Manila Before 2020

When I was younger, I don't remember asking anything specific from Santa. Though I constantly hounded my parents to buy me something or another throughout the year, I usually didn't have a specific Christmas list. (They actually teased me with the nickname " bilmoko" because I always say " Ibili mo ako nito!"

Practical Bridal Beauty Tips I Learned from Muriel Vega Perez

When I got engaged, one of the first details that I immediately settled on was my makeup artist. Even before my now-husband decided on anything else regarding our wedding, I already knew that I wanted my good friend Muriel Vega Perez to glam me up on the big day.

How to Achieve No Makeup Makeup According to Denise Go-Ochoa

In the age of social media, makeup tips, hacks, tutorials, and reviews are a dime a dozen. You name it, the Internet's got it. When I start with one YouTube video, for example, I often fall into what I call the "Beauty Guru Rabbit Hole" that I easily lose an hour or two of my day just watching reviews and tutorials.

The Truth About Zero-Waste Beauty and How You Can Actually Sustain It

Let me preface this piece by saying I'm a long way away from achieving a zero-waste lifestyle. In fact, I'm not ashamed to admit that I've barely begun. For myself, and I assume for many others like me, it all started with that footage of marine biologists removing a plastic straw from a turtle's nostril that went viral a few years back.

The K-Beauty Revolution and How It's Taken Over Our Vanities

I still remember the very first Korean beauty product I ever bought. It was an Etude House Drawing Eyebrow #4, the gateway pencil in my quest to achieve #KilayGoals before it was even a hashtag on Instagram. At the time, the brand had just opened its first few stores in the Philippines.

Add to Cart

With online shopping, your favorite mask, hydrating foundation, and contour palette from overseas is just one click away


Rent Your Next #OOTD: A New, Sustainable Way to Dress Up

Remember Louise from St. Louis in the first Sex & The City movie? You know, Carrie Bradshaw's feisty (yet hopelessly romantic) personal assistant with a penchant for designer ~tingz~? Well, thanks to a recent re-watch of the film, I was once again reminded of Bag Borrow or Steal and Louise's genius way of living life with champagne taste on a beer budget.

7 Gifts You'd Want to Buy For Yourself, According To Pinay Moms

It's officially six days 'til Christmas! The holiday frenzy is about to reach its climax, so you're probably working overtime to complete your list (that's if you haven't already wrapped gifts for everyone!). It's not easy making sure your hubby's, kiddos', friends', family's, and everyone else's wish lists are fulfilled - and you might just be forgetting another person that deserves your gift, too: you!

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Keep Your Cool

Is it too hot to exercise? No, the weather can’t stop you—especially when you’re wearing these heat-beating workout clothes

Seoul Fashion Week

A profile of designers who recently brought their A-game in men’s fashion


Working Mom
Job Well Done

Your guide to flourishing in your 9 to 5


Destination: Stark Expo

Take a tour of Hong Kong Disneyland’s newest attraction and discover the secrets to completing the Iron Man Experience

Feline Phenom

The nine lives and times of Hello Kitty, the world’s most iconic kitten

Philippine Star
Fallin' in love with 'They're Playing Our Song'

9 Works Theatrical is back for an exciting season of musicals as they stage the Pulitzer Prize-winning romantic comedy They’re Playing Our Song just in time for Valentine’s Day.