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Edward Jozef Szekeres

Freelancer, Translator & Content Creator

Location icon Netherlands

My suitcase is my home. I write on a wide range of topics, but it´s sports, politics, social issues and features/profiles that make my blood boil most.

I spice my writing with some in-depth interviewing, news fixing, photography, audio and video editing skills, camera work (both in front and behind the lens) and an insatiable drive to see, smell, hear, taste, touch and feel stories everywhere, anywhere.

Currently in the last phase of obtaining my Master in Journaslim degree from the University of Groningen.


Social Issues

Bike chaos will only get worse

Can't find a space to park your bike around the university buildings in the city centre? Bike stewards don't see that improving any time soon. 'We remove one bike, and three others take its place.'

Housing shortage shrinks as emergency rooms free up

Little over a week after the abandoned school facility at the Metaallaan opened as a third emergency housing location, some international students are already leaving their temporary homes.

Living in the Esdoornflat: 'At least the people are nice'

At the official start of the academic year, many new students have to make do with a temporary emergency room. UKrant dropped by the Esdoornflat, one of the biggest emergency housing complexes, to see how students live.

KEI bans balloons, but message falls on deaf ears

Although KEI-week banned the infamous gas balloons from all of their events, students who went out for the pub crawl could easily get them at nearby locations, undermining KEI's message.

The one that got away: why are we heading for another housing crisis?

Predators prey on the most vulnerable, goes the old adage. Rogue landlords exploit international students, says the Groninger translation. And don't be fooled by the promise that next year is going to be better. The RUG itself admits that we need more rooms to house incoming students.

Uber Eats couriers go on strike in Groningen

Payment reductions and a sudden drop in orders prompted more than half of the estimated 200 Uber Eats couriers in the city to go on strike last Monday, according to sources close to the protest.

The Stand
Tippelzone Shutdown - A Tug of War Between Policy and Reality

Used condoms stuck to trash cans, empty metal booths, puddles on the pavement. Silence in the air. In the final months of the Groningen Tippelzone, sex workers are left out in the cold due to stigma and bigotry. It's the calm before the storm.

In the trenches around the Rikkers-Lubbers house

Students and neigbours are fighting a small war in the former nursing home House Rikkers Lubbers. Are these neighbours a nagging pain in the ass? Or do they actually have point?

Profiles, Features & Sports

Farmer ´til I die

Home and away, on a rainy Wednesday night or a scorching Sunday afternoon, these students follow FC Groningen everywhere and chant the team’s name from the stands. Why?
Koľko zarába najúspešnejší YouTuber všetkých čias?

Dá sa to aj bez vysokej školy. Aspoň to vyplýva z pohľadu na mimoriadne úspešnú kariéru Felixa Kjellberga, známeho tiež pod pseudonymom „PewDiePie". Blonďavý Švéd je historicky najúspešnejším tvorcom obsahu na platforme YouTube, kde má v súčasnosti viac ako 93 miliómená tučný balík peňazí.nov odberateľov.

'Business is bigger than studying'

You think you have enough on your plate already? Try running a café while also trying to pass exams. For Moldovan student Diana Scorpan, it is hard but rewarding work.

The person behind the pizza

In rain or shine, hail or snow, delivery people are out on the streets of Groningen, ready to answer hunger's call.

Politics & News

Students protest against harassment | UKrant column

Sparked by UKrant columnist Gerrit Breeuwsma's latest column, thirty students gathered on Tuesday to protest harassment. The Hold RUG Accountable organisation calls for a 'dialogue about respectful academia' in a safe space.

The Stand
Clash at European Election Debate in Groningen

D66 accuses the SP of nationalist fear mongering, as an all-female candidate panel initially demonstrates solidarity, but ends up colliding on major policy issues facing the next European Parliament.

Fire forces students out of their house

A fire on Tuesday morning at the corner of Parkweg and Hoornsediep caused considerable damage. Inhabitants of a student house at the Hoornsediep have no idea when - or if - they can return home.

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