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Making order out of chaos: that is the magic of Business Intelligence (BI).

Business Intelligence, in a broad sense, is typically understood as a set of technological tools that gather data, organize it, analyze it, and produce actionable information from that data analysis. Essentially, the overarching advantage of Business Intelligence is its ability to organize, condense, and synthesize large amounts of data.

Getting Started with Driver-Based Planning

Ever heard of driver-based planning? If not, now's your time to learn. CEOs are turning to this relatively new business model for its innovative approach to budgeting and predicting their companies' financial (and other) outcomes as far as a few years into the future.

13 ERP Features You Shouldn't Live Without

For many businesses today, ERP isn't a question - it's a necessity. The more a business grows, the more it will need to adjust its systems and operations to handle the influx of data coming in from all angles. ERP, which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, is first and foremost a tool for business operations that is based on cross-departmental integration.

10 Budgeting and Forecasting Tips for CEOs

Photo credit: Sebastiaan ter Burg via Flickr Being a CEO isn't easy. It's a role that can be hard to define at times, and with a hand in everything from marketing to financing, many CEOs end up drowning themselves in too much work to really invest time where they're needed: the long-term vision and strategy for their company.

Kova Corp
17 Things You Need to Know about Emergency Dispatchers

They're the first people we call in an emergency-- our lifeline between disaster and the help we need. Emergency dispatchers are a crucial part of public safety for a myriad of reasons. They patiently talk our parents and grandparents through the tense and sometimes painful moments after a fall until help arrives.

5 Steps to a Balanced Diet

By Guest Blogger, Evelyn Hylton Everywhere we go, we see messages promoting products or programs promising to help us get our diets on track, but every method seems to have a track of its own. It doesn't take long to realize that what we put into our bodies is a topic of huge concern in today's world, stemming from image to disease prevention.

5 BPM Trends To Watch Right Now

Business Process Management (BPM) has made some waves in recent years. With the growing demand for efficiency and information processing, businesses are pushing themselves to keep up with the immediate needs of growing customer bases. A huge part of ensuring that they're at the top of their game is keeping an eye on the latest trends in BPM technology such as these five groundbreaking trends.

SmartData Collective
7 Ways to Make Your Small Business More Efficient - SmartData Collective

Owning and operating a small business comes with unavoidable hurdles that, if poorly navigated, have the potential to sink the business for good. One of these hurdles is the need for business efficiency, which can be challenging for up and coming organizations that lack the funds of larger companies to purchase the latest software programs ...

With Great Expectation
7 Ways Women can Maintain a Balanced Diet

Today I'm sharing a post by Evelyn Hylton. Evelyn has been writing about health and wellness topics for many years. She currently writes on behalf of the protein bar experts at Promax Nutrition. An avid writer and learner, she loves to use her skills for engaging others in important topics in creative and effective ways.

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