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Eileen Rodriguez is a staff writer at the Oak Leaf.

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Reflecting on last October's fires

A year after the fires struck Sonoma County, Santa Rosa Junior College students find themselves reflecting on how they have changed due to these tragedies. Kai Suter How has the fire changed you? "It was scary because my dad's a firefighter, and I was really stressed out the entire time.

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Petaluma Games Club offers opportunity for on campus competition and friendship

Four students sit slouched on a pair of reddish-brown leather couches parked to the side of the Petaluma campus cafeteria, their eyes squinted in focus on two flat-panel TVs. The delicate jingles of two video games cut through the sizzle of hamburgers on the grill and the murmur of other students doing homework.

The Oak Leaf
The virtual world as an escape from the real world

A childhood marked by abuse and poverty. A lonely teenage passage from Puerto Rico to Northern California. An early adulthood devoid of relationships with blood relatives, marked by the struggle of a stressful academic career. How does 20-year-old Jonathan Hernandez cope? Video games. Despite social attitudes towards gamers and the gaming industry, research conducted in...

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Lark Hall Planetarium feasibility assessment underway

Santa Rosa Junior College's Lark Hall Planetarium will undergo a feasibility and infrastructure assessment this semester to study upgrade possibilities for the facility. The planetarium shuttered in June and is slated to remain closed through spring 2019 while the assessment is completed, according to an SRJC official.

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Campus app coming to Santa Rosa campus in January

Santa Rosa Junior College will launch a Santa Rosa campus-focused app at the start of the 2019 spring semester while also adding new features to the existing Petaluma campus app. The SRJC campus app will allow Santa Rosa students to access their student portal, schedule of classes, student resources and campus events, all of which...