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Eric Hairston majored in Journalism Major at Ashford University. Eric has written several Articles for Triad City Beat an Alt-Weekly Newspaper located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Additionally, Eric has worked as a staff writer for "Our Local" a visitor's guide located in Greensboro, NC. He currently works as freelances as an arts & culture journalist for the Queen City Nerve an alt-weekly publication located in Charlotte, NC. Eric has an interest in Investigative Journalism and Conflict reporting. He currently resides in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Queen City Nerve
Local Film Makes Dysfunction a Delight - Queen City Nerve

A satirical comedy and coming-of-age story combined, Formerly Teen, Currently Twenty Something Mom is something to see. The film premiered at Ayrsley Grand Cinema in southwest Charlotte on Jan. 16, with a full red-carpet treatment, packed to the brim with Hollywood flair. Jason Kierce wrote and directed the film, and he plays the entitled and hilarious Trevor.

The NC Triad's altweekly
Unsolicited Endorsement: Outdoor concerts | The NC Triad's altweekly

People packed Corpening Plaza to the brim last weekend as they waited to see the scheduled artist perform as part of Winston-Salem's downtown music series. As I set up my folding seat and took my place in the colorful assortment of camping chairs, the emcee announced that the show would be beginning shortly.

The NC Triad's altweekly
#PLTS: 'Game of Thrones' | The NC Triad's altweekly

On Sunday nights, I have a ritual that usually involves procrastinating about deadlines and completing homework at the last minute. But for the past few weeks, that homework and those deadlines were put off because my favorite series of all time - "Game of Thrones" - began its seventh season.

The NC Triad's altweekly
List: 7 best American war reporters | The NC Triad's altweekly

1. Ernie Pyle (1900-1945) Conflict: World War II Awards/Recognitions: Pulitzer Prize for Correspondence Corresponded for: Scripps & Howard newspapers Ernie Pyle gave his life to show others the sacrifices that soldiers had to make during the war. He embedded with Army's 77th Infantry Division in Ie Shima, an island off the coast of Okinawa and was ...

The NC Triad's altweekly
Unpopular Opinion: Beer sucks | The NC Triad's altweekly

I've never claimed to a beer drinker, but I do occasionally find myself partaking in a brew or two. This past weekend, I stopped by Foothills Brewing tasting room. When I walked in the door, I was bombarded by the fragrant smell of beer and the sound of a local rock band playing the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army."