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Edly Karina Macias Zu;iga

Estudiante de la licenciatura en inclusión educativa

Hi, my name is Edly Karina. I am studying the degree in educational inclusion, course the second semester.
This is my evidence portfolio of the English course.

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Vegan diet

With the food vocabulary we did this diet and we precede it in class.


For Christmas the singing group this beautiful song in English and in LSM

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The talent

The talent I have is to make fabrics with a hook. with this skill I can do, for example a dress with only worsted yarn and a crochet. With it I made baby blankets, pantunflas, caps. When I practice this activity I feel calm, I get rid of stress. It is usually at night when I do this, or sometimes in the evenings watching a movie or novel.

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If you travel to Germany you must take into account that beer is one of the most popular drinks in place Types: Pilsener: blonde beer