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Ed Londergan

Writer. Storyteller. Communicator.

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I have always had a fascination with the written word from the time I was in elementary school.

Throughout my career, I was always the person who was asked to write and edit various communications. It seemed so natural to me. Two years ago, I quit my job and now pursue my passion of working with the written word.



Quaboag Current
Life in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and Quaboag Plantation

Way back in the mid-1600’s, the population of the Massachusetts Bay Colony was growing. In just the ten years after the Puritans landed in 1630, with the continuing arrival of more English, the population is estimated to have been 20,000 people, settling up and down the coast and moving inland. With the growing number of people, good land in settled areas was getting more difficult to obtain. Each male citizen was given, by the selectmen, a certain amount of land that depended on his needs...

Quaboag Current
Quaboag Plantation: The second settlement

For at least several years beginning in 1675, the settlement of Brookfield lie empty, nothing but fields and woods dotted with the burned out shells of houses and barns on what is now Foster Hill. The seasons came and went, and animals trod the empty ground. In 1686, the Great and General Court of Massachusetts Bay Colony issued a proclamation that any settlement deserted during King Philip’s War could not be re-settled until permission was granted by the Court. The reason for this is that...

Quaboag Current
The Fourth of July: The Celebration of America

When you are watching fireworks, or sitting down to that burger or hot dog, with friends and family about you, take a moment to remember what it is all about. It is not national barbeque day. It is a solemn remembrance of this country, of how we began, of what we are, and what we believe in.

Ware River News
New Braintree: A classic New England town

Anyone looking to find quintessential rural New England need look no further than New Braintree. Its rolling hills and open fields, miles-long views, and town center with the classic white Congregational Church, and the old cemetery behind it, are wonderful to behold at any time of the year though, when fall is at her most glorious, it is a place to take pictures of the rural beauty to share with friends and family, and, at a future time, remind yourself of the splendor of this part of the...

Quaboag Current
Warren, Queen of the Quaboag Plantation

Originally part of Kingsfield, which included parts of Brimfield and Palmer, the town was incorporated as Western in 1741, but renamed Warren in 1834 because of confusion with the town of Weston, near Boston. It was named after Dr. Joseph Warren, a leading patriot in the beginning of the Revolutionary War. He was killed at the Battle of Breed’s Hill in 1775. The town is celebrating its 275th anniversary this year.

Ware River News
North Brookfield: A town of notable people

The town of North Brookfield was part of the original Quaboag Plantation, known after 1673 as Brookfield, and split off from Brookfield in 1812 when it was incorporated. It is a bucolic town with miles of scenic roads and rolling hills. It celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2012. There have been several notable persons from the town.

Foodies of New England Winter 2018

Touring Boston's Chinatown. Seasonal Delights from New England's Best Chefs. Paradise Hills Vineyards & Winery in Wallingford, CT. Odyssey Cruises, Boston. A Wicked Twisted Perfect Pretzel. Bull Mansion. Best in Foodie Crawls.

Foodies of New England Winter 2018

Touring Boston's Chinatown. Seasonal Delights from New England's Best Chefs. Paradise Hills Vineyards & Winery in Wallingford, CT. Odyssey Cruises, Boston. A Wicked Twisted Perfect Pretzel. Bull Mansion. Best in Foodie Crawls.

Foodies of New England Summer 2017

Lazy Summer Night Dinners; Local chefs share mouth-watering recipes that are easy to prepare. Best of Foodie Crawls; Touring Newport, RI. The Foundry Restaurant; Farm-to-table meets the industrial revolution. Lock 50; A modern stop along a historic pathway. Pecorino; European cheeses. Gluten Free Pad Thai. Wild Cheff; Wild rabbit poutine with tea gravy.

Worcester Business Journal
How to build business communication skills

10) Be correct. When writing, make certain spelling, grammar and punctuation is correct. If unsure, consult a writing guide. 9) Ask questions. If it is not clear what is being said, ask what is meant. 8) Be friendly. In emails, make a personal statement such as "I hope all is well with you."

Worcester Business Journal
Looking for a job

Understand the search process. Self-assessment, determination of work desires, development of the appropriate resumes and cover letters, networking, interviewing and negotiation/acceptance of an offer. Assess your situation. How long a commute are you willing to have? How much stress are you willing to accept? How much money do you need?

Municipal Modernization Act gives greater flexibility to cities and towns

A bill signed into law by Governor Baker in August will have a far-reaching effect on the 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts. The Municipal Modernization Act is the first comprehensive overhaul of the laws and regulations governing how the cities and towns operate in decades.

The Blackstone Valley Yankee Xpress
A fall day in the Brookfields

The fall season is one of the best times of the year to explore the Brookfields and surrounding area.

Yankee Xpress
A perfect picture on the wall

Linda Sbrogna was inspired to begin her business as a result of something she overheard. While working as an administrative assistant at UMass Medical School, her manager asked if she would be interested in organizing an art gallery for one of the floors as part of a larger reception. An artist by hobby, she was very interested.

Quaboag Current
Voters deal with Finance Committee recommendations

On Monday night, a small group of registered voters attended a Special Town Meeting to discuss 23 articles relating to recommendations from the Finance Committee. The articles represented transfers of small amounts from Free Cash to various departmental accounts including those for the Treasurer, Assessors’, Town Clerk, Police, Library, Ambulance, and Water Department.

Marketing and Client Communication

IFP Financial Insight
Social Security and Retirement Planning: It's Complicated

Social Security retirement benefits are an inflation-protected, guaranteed lifetime income and should be a building block of your retirement planning. However, it is a complex topic and you must be aware of the various aspects of the retirement benefits available to you to take maximum advantage of the program.

IFP Financial Insight
Year End Tax Planning

Planning for the year-end may be a challenging endeavor this year because of the tax reform efforts just beginning in Congress. If a bill is passed late in the year as expected, there will be little time to become familiar with new rules, assess how they impact you, and take action to optimize your tax picture for 2017. Take the time now to consider some year-end tax planning strategies that include not only tax law changes, but also changes in your income and personal situation.

Integrated Financial Partners
Financial Tidbits

Monthly client communication

Website Content


I am Rich Eichacker, President of Vibrance Technology Corporation. In 1995, I started Vibrance with the purpose of assisting businesses and other organizations that need help with information management. Vibrance provides real life business solutions for real life business problems for many different types and size organizations.

Jees, inc.

Harvard Street Management, Cambridge has utilized the services of JEES for over 10 years. During that time I have found Ed to be highly, trained and completely professional in the inspection, remediation recommendations and final reporting of the environmental issues that I have requested his services for.

Align Hypnosis, Inc
Align Hypnosis website

Hypnosis for weight loss, smoking cessation, anxiety and other issues.

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In Laguna

Sarah Rossi gave up her dream of being a photographer to care for her sick mother. Then life became...complicated. Now at forty-two, Sarah's in a abusive marriage, her sons are grown and no longer need her, and her domineering father has moved in after his stroke. As a little girl, she often fantasized about running away but now she thinks about it every day. When a betrayal pushes her over the edge Sarah packs a bag and leaves her family behind. In Laguna Beach, she meets new friends, moves...

Massachusetts Horse June/July 2016
My Life with Horses

There’s nothing like walking into a barn and being greeted by the sound of whinnies and nickers from your four-legged best friends. As someone who was a five year old girl always begging her parents to buy her a horse, it is surreal that I got lucky enough to be able to surround myself with the animal I love the most.


Historical fiction novel
The Devil's Elbow

Set in colonial Massachusetts, The Devil’s Elbow follows Jack Parker from his orphan childhood days as an apprentice to a greedy and brutal Boston merchant to the isolated pioneer settlement of Brookfield, where he ends up in the fight of his life to protect the people and place he loves. The knowledge Jack’s father gave him, that the measure of a man is how he deals with the worst life can throw at him, the support of the powerful man who becomes his friend, and deep, unshakeable love for...

Historical fiction novel
The Long Journey Home

The second book in the Brookfield saga, The Long Journey Home continues the story of Jack and Becky Parker as they strive to make a life for themselves on the frontier in early colonial Massachusetts. During a violent and turbulent era, they endure every hardship to see their family grow and prosper … and survive. In their unstoppable love, they will sacrifice everything to be together. From the battles of King Philip’s War - the bloodiest ever fought in New England - to Jack’s capture...

Job Search Tips & Techniques A Practical Guide to Finding a Job

The job search process can be complicated; there are many interconnected factors. The best way is, like many things in life, to keep it simple. You have enough things on your plate and making the search process more complicated than it needs to be will cause you to waste valuable time and energy and may undermine a successful outcome.


Spencer New Leader
Local author releases job search book

From crafting a strong résumé to mastering the art of the interview, a lot goes into the job search process. For those seeking extra help in navigating the tricky course from initial application to final interview, a local author has the perfect new release for you.

Be My Guest interview

Ed Londergan, author and editor interviewed by Jan Lewis of "Be My Guest" on June 16, 2016

Penmen Review
The Penmen Profile: New England Historical Fiction Author Ed Londergan

by Rebecca LeBoeuf Ed Londergan 's interest in American history is reflected throughout his novels. His Brookfield saga, consisting of "The Devil's Elbow," "The Long Journey Home," and "The Farmhouse," the unfinished final book of the saga, have a focus on the New England colonial time period.

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