Edan Gelt

Communications Strategist

United States

Edan Gelt is an award winning, innovative, energetic, highly creative and consumer-centric communications and marketing leader with successful results in increasing sales and traffic.

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Edan Gelt Minute of Marketing

Edan Gelt launches the Minute of Marketing to help local businesses get back on their feet during and after the pandemic. With more than 20 years helping businesses of all sizes increase sales and traffic – the new series will offer strategies and tactics for all types of business offerings. Each week, Edan Gelt will offer 1-minute + tips to drive ROI. Tune-in, like and subscribe! https://www.edangelt.com

Edan Gelt | Communications Strategist & Consultant

Edan Gelt is an award winning consultant working in communications, sponsorship, advertising, branding, and beyond for a diverse range of clientele in both B2B and B2C systems. She is also active as a leader and volunteer working on numerous community relations projects with Make-A-Wish, CureSearch, and other orgs.

Edan Gelt Communications Strategist

Edan Gelt works with clients to increase sales, drive traffic and enhance brand awareness. She has the ability to adapt strategy to seasonality, location and competition. http://edangelt.com/

Edan Gelt | Communications Strategist & Community Leader
Edan Gelt | Communications Strategist & Community Leader

At the beginning of 2017, I launched a social experiment, branding myself as a fitness mom and started a blog at http://www.edanjoygelt.com. My brand wasn't far from the truth - I've religiously worked out for decades and fitness has always been a part of my life, I just wasn't an expert athlete.

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Edan Gelt is an award winning Digital Communications Strategist and Advertising Specialist. She has the ability to adapt to seasonality, loc...

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Edan Gelt is a Communications Strategist and Community Leader. She has the ability to adapt strategy to seasonality, location, and target demographic.

Edan Gelt Communications Strategist, Fitness Blogger
Welcome to the Communications Lock & Roll Organizer!

One of the greatest joys about my role as a Communications Consultant is that I get to work on several projects and see amazing ideas bloom from concept to rollout. The latest project is Lock & Roll Organizer. The idea was born sometime before 2012 in Mark Tavolino's garage.

Edan Gelt
The Social Experiment -Social Media 101

Two weeks ago, I tried a social experiment. I attempted to brand myself as a fitness expert. I'm 40 years old (maybe 41 but who's counting), I can't run worth anything and I would not be considered athletic by any stretch of the imagination. Regardless, I wanted to try my hand at building a brand...