Emma McClure

Fall 2018 J1 Student

Location icon United States

I wanted to take this class so I could have the option to take either Newspaper or Yearbook the following year. This class gave me some basic on many of the Adobe programs, as I never really have used them before. I think I also kind of found out what I like to write about especially in the 1 in 1600 project. It was fun getting to learn more about people like an exclusive versus an actual news story.
I also got to make some new friends in this class mostly because I didn’t really know anyone on the first day of school. Overall, it has been a fun process even when I didn’t want to do some of the long projects or transcribe my long interviews. If I had to recommend something, it would be to include more projects with Adobe Illustrator since it’s the only Adobe application I’m not super familiar with.


Journalism Basics

Journalism Basics
Law & Ethics/ Shattered Glass/ First Amendment Follow Up& Quiz

Law & Ethics-This assignment felt very lengthy, but I think it was important for us to do it because we need to know these different laws and ethical violations when writing in journalism. Shattered Glass-It was fun to get to watch a movie in class especially because it was still very informational. This cautionary story, helped me remember to avoid embellishing stories. First Amendment Quiz-This quiz took me multiple tries because some first amendment and ethical choices aren't always...

Journalism Basics
Newsworthiness and AP Style Quizzes

Newsworthiness- Here, I learned how many different types of newsworthiness and many examples for them. It was also cool because I learned which types of news I find interesting, oddity and conflict. AP Style Quizzes- With all the quizzes we took I think they definitely improved my writing. Even though all the questions weren't useful, it helped me get a pretty good understanding for grammar and writing style in journalism.


News Story & Design

Story- It was fun getting to try the interview process for the first time and getting to write a story about my friends. Next time, I wish I would've written about something more interesting or newsworthy Design- I like getting to use Adobe InDesign based on the layout that Newspaper uses. It was really easy to follow directions while still being able to customize the small details.

1 in 1600

Story- I liked writing this profile better than writing my news story. Next time, I want to try to improve my interview questions to try to get as many quotes as possible. Design- I had the opportunity to go downtown to take photos of my friend, but a lot of them unfortunately were very dark and kind of blurry. Next time, I would try to improve my photo composition and include more of her friends to make the photo seem more candid and relaxed.

Hacker Story/ Using Quotes/ Headlines/ Leads

Hacker Story- This was the first story we wrote in this class so I was glad we already had interviews and could just write the story. I think by starting with this, I was able to develop my writing style and also learn that my stories are often times way too long. Using Quotes- I liked the idea of practicing using quotes in different ways. However, I wish we could've used our own interviews to make the practice more meaningful. Leads-The powerpoint in class really helped me improve my...



This was one of my favorite assignments because I got the chance to play around with some of the tools in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. I found that I prefer Adobe Indesign, even though they're very similar because I liked how the tools were arranged. It was easier for me to arrange everything on the document.

Pathfinder, Typography & Dissecting Design & Photography

Pathfinder- I liked getting to make the different shapes using the pathfinder and getting to try to be more creative with it. Next time, I want to be able to use pathfinder more in my future assignments. Typography- This was another fun assignment for me because I liked getting to be creative especially with the words part and the part about a quote. However, I felt really behind on the assignment because I would spend too much time making the designs. Dissecting Design- I liked getting...

Pancake Perfection

This was my first time using Adobe Indesign and it was pretty easy to get used to especially with the very detailed instructions. Next time, I would try to actually pay more attention to the instructions because by the time we had worked in InDesign again, I had forgotten most of the information/ where things are located.



Before this assignment, I had never used Adobe Photoshop, so it was definitely something I had to get used to. While it was good practice, I wish we could've practiced on our own photos and then incorporated them into another assignment.