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Ellen Brady

Copy Editor and Freelance Writer

Location icon United States

My name is Ellen Brady, and writing has become my story and my life.

Ellen Brady
1010 South Madison Tacoma, WA 98405 | 253-355-4437 | [email protected]

Have you ever read an article that didn’t catch your eye in the first sentence? Engaging content can be the most pivotal moment surrounding the meat of an article. My objective with writing is to think about my audience first.

When I began writing my blog, last year, about my son (who has autism) and army life, it became quite humorous. There was a moment when I looked at my life of craziness- son crying over his blanket, husband on his second deployment, my other two kids running through the house screaming-and knew I had to accept it with humor or cry.

My passion for writing was ignited after the death of my mother. I realized I had a story to tell, and I would tell my mother’s story and mine as well. While working on a book, I am working on gaining experience with content writing, freelance work, and obtaining certification as a copy editor.
I look forward to having an opportunity to be a content/freelance writer.

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