Erica Puisis

Content Marketing Specialist

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As a writer with a passion for grammar and a flair for creativity, I specialize in creating professional content that is also interesting and engaging.

I have experience in blogging, website content, and building a social media presence. Enjoy taking a look at some of my work here, then contact me to discuss the communication needs of your business.

Michael Gainey Signature Designs
Five Reasons to Skip the Store and Hire an Interior Designer

As another month of summer slips by, 2016 is in full swing here in Brevard County, Florida! It's been exciting to see all of the buzz as the area teems with new construction in Viera, quaint street festivals in downtown Cocoa, and new businesses drawing large crowds in Melbourne and beyond.
What It Means to Be a Remote Business

"Home is where you hang your hat." In that simple statement, the spirit of freedom and adventure is harmoniously joined to the notions of comfort and belonging. When applied to business in the 21 century, the saying might be: "Work is where you take your laptop."

Black Tie Digital Marketing
Attain Victory in the Digital Marketing Race - Black Tie Digital Marketing

Attain Victory in the Digital Marketing Race Some of the most iconic sporting events and championships have already enfolded this year, and others are yet to enfold. The victors of the Super Bowl, the Daytona 500, the Masters, and the Kentucky Derby have all had their moment in the spotlight.

Arias Bosinger
Could Eminent Domain Affect Your Property Rights in 2016?

Eminent domain creeps into public view every so often as Florida looks for ways to continue to improve roads and also serve environmental interests. Soon the Florida Department of Transportation proposed that $617 million should be set aside next year to purchase right of way for road and bridge expansions, improvements, and construction.

Bella Custom Builders
Remodel the Heart of Your House: The Kitchen - Bella Custom Builders

The decision of whether or not to remodel your kitchen often requires weighing out many different factors. The kitchen often serves as the 'heart of the house' and facing reduced functionality in this important area may seem daunting. What are some key things to consider in the decision of whether or not to undertake a kitchen remodel?