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Emily A. Baratta

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Former corporate woman turned aspiring satirical blogger

Thoughts of a privileged housewife
The Blowout Bar Changed My World

Okay, okay, so maybe it doesn't turn me into Grace Kelly but at least I can touch my hair without losing my ring in it. Although I was raised to be a lady, we did not have much in the way of means so the focus was manners and poise more so than hairstyling (think Jane Eyre or that plain but respectable head servant of the house).

Thoughts of a privileged housewife

I have a love/hate relationship with Mother's Day. I suppose it's the same love/hate relationship I have with Valentine's Day and Father's Day, the forced appreciation that can often ring hollow (although Father's Day is much simpler, I don't have one so I celebrate my Mom instead, she's the one that did the work).

Thoughts of a privileged housewife
I Made A Major Social Faux Pas, But In My Defense...

I am truly embarrassed to admit this transgression. I, the one who so vociferously touts etiquette, who so adamantly rebukes carelessness and poor manners, in fact, has an entire website dedicated to "Life Shoulds" centered around courtesy and propriety, this very same person recently (last Saturday to be exact) committed a huge social faux pas.

Thoughts of a privileged housewife

So I'm at a playground with my five-year old niece trying to keep up while chasing her from swings to monkey bars to jungle gym back to swings, you get the picture. This is a playground specifically designed for small children by the way, but also part of a community center and school field area.

Thoughts of a privileged housewife
Friend Etiquette

A. We all have them - that friend that we've known for awhile, meet for coffee or drinks, maybe even lunch or shopping, a forced evening out now and then, but somehow, the time spent together is never that enjoyable.

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Acquaintance Etiquette

Q. How do I break up with my hairdresser? A. This is always a conundrum, so my response..., "it depends". If your relationship has stayed on the stylist-client level you can choose to let them know you are making a change (you do not have to give a reason), or not.

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