Dylan Meister

Advertising Copywriter

Location icon United States of America

I'm an ad copywriter currently working in the pharmaceutical industry and have a breadth of freelance and in-house copywriting experience.


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Crowdfunding Guide- The Entrepreneur's Guide to Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has helped more than a million startups raise over $3.2 Billion, and is revolutionizing the way small businesses find the capital they need to grow. By putting the tools for fundraising success in the hands of entrepreneurs like never before, crowdfunding is on track to surpass $5.1 billion in 2013 and continue to transform the landscape of business finance.


The greater the activity, the greater the risk for fatal and nonfatal CHD events (Figure 1) PLAC activity above 225 nmol/min/mL identifies patients at increased risk for CHD events across patient type and population (Figure 2) Absolute risk of CHD events is 2.1 times greater with a positive PLAC Test (Figure 2) Lp-PLA 2 activity and CHD risk 3 Risk for CHD events by patient type 4

Uncover What's Next in EGFRm+ NSCLC | T790M.com

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