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My name is David Weingrad and I am a former editor for the Long Island Herald, a weekly print newspaper in Long Island, NY, which covers the island's south shore. The LI Herald is a chain of community newspapers, with an online presence, and I oversee one of the newspapers.

I currently am continuing my journalism career as a freelance reporter for the Washington Post and the Long Island Herald.

As an editor and reporter for several years, I have written hundreds of stories on large number of topics, including crime, politics, sports, entertainment, celebrities, schools and feature stories. My work has earned me several awards from the New York Press Association and the Press Club of Long Island.

Washington Post
Florida shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz: Guns, depression and a life in trouble

He had been getting treatment at a mental health clinic and then stopped. He was expelled from school for discipline problems. Many of his acquaintances had cut ties in part because of his strange Instagram posts and reports that he liked shooting animals. His father died a few years ago.

Herald Community Newspapers
In Puerto Rico, discrimination seems to be cyclical

The hurricane struck hard and fast, leaving hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans without food and shelter. The damage to the island totaled in the millions of dollars, and more than 3,000 people were killed. Telephone and electrical services were lost.

The Riverdale Press
A rabbi walks for justice - LIHerald.com

As he walked 13 miles through the scorching heat and humidity on a 95-degree August day in Columbia, S.C., side by side with leaders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and other clergy from across the country, Rabbi Daniel Bar-Nahum couldn't help but think of the progress he made with each step of his journey as a metaphor for the nation's struggle to provide equal rights for all its citizens.

A survivor's tale - LIHerald.com

My story on a Holocaust survivor, who, as a child roamed the Polish countryside with his mother to escape Nazi persecution.

To Hell and back - LIHerald.com

Ruth Mermelstein detailed her time spent as a young girl in Auschwitz, one of the more horrifying concentration camps run by the Nazis in the Holocaust.

Herald Community Newspapers
More than just Narcan

When I attended a Narcan training session at the East Meadow Public Library on May 28, I knew I was going to be leaving with a kit equipped with the drug that prevents deadly overdoses.

The Riverdale Press
Riding her way to the top - LIHerald.com

Michelle Arenella's first horse ride did not go well. She was 12, at a summer camp with her twin sister, Danielle, and the horse underneath her was not in a cooperative mood. She was thrown off. What might have been a traumatizing experience, however, had the opposite effect on Michelle, who is now 21.

Giving WWII vets a 'final mission' - LIHerald.com

A story on a national organization that sends veterans to the World War II memorial in Washington D.C., free of charge. It won me second place for best news feature at the New York Press Association Awards.

'A silent thunder' - LIHerald.com

Sandra Foster is a softball star for her high school team. It's amazing, when you consider that she is deaf. This story won me third place for best sports feature at the New York Press Association Awards.

The Riverdale Press
An evening of interfaith bonding - LIHerald.com

The teenagers sat together on the floor of the Islamic center, some speaking lightheartedly about their experiences with religion and faith. Others were engrossed in a more serious theological discussion. The setting was the Long Island Muslim Society, on East Meadow Avenue, on June 22, and the scene was a youth interfaith session hosted by a local student, Ayyan Zubair, who, six days later, graduated from East Meadow High School.

The Riverdale Press
Meet East Meadow's musical twins - LIHerald.com

The high school résumés of siblings Sabrina and Thomas Brody are nearly identical. The musically gifted seniors are members of the East Meadow High School orchestra, are All-County and All-State musicians, and have performed together at Carnegie Hall as part of the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra. Another similarity?

The Riverdale Press
During pope's visit, he'll keep spectators safe - LIHerald.com

Courtesy the Goldstein family Dr. Scott Goldstein hopes this weekend is an uneventful one for him when Pope Francis visits Philadelphia on Saturday, the final leg of his highly anticipated and historic trip to the U.S., preceded by stops in Washington and New York City.

The Riverdale Press
Robbie Twible: Rising above a debilitating disease - LIHerald.com

Spend five minutes with Robbie Twible, and we challenge you not to walk away with a smile. In a brief interaction, the 12-year-old is likely to recap the latest episode of "Ellen," play you a Justin Timberlake track on his phone, and break into a song-and-dance number from his favorite Broadway play.

Long Island Herald
Synthesizer's pioneer on the South Shore

Part one of a biographical feature on Herbert Deutsch, who, in 1964, co-invented the Moog synthesizer, which paved the way for electronic music into mainstream culture.

The Riverdale Press
Cooking from the heart - LIHerald.com

Courtesy of Frank Constantino Immobilized in a wheelchair after suffering a stroke at age 6, the entire left side of her body having shut down, Rossella Cangialosi spent her days watching her mother cook. Cooking always had special meaning in the Cangialosi household.

Long Island Herald
From tennis court to concert venue

An interview with Roland Meier, the president of the Forest Hills Tennis Center, who explained how the 90-year-old arena underwent a transformation from decrepit and unused, to hosting one of the world's biggest band, Mumford & Sons, for a 17,000-person concert in 2013.

The Riverdale Press
More than just Narcan - LIHerald.com

When I attended a Narcan training session at the East Meadow Public Library on May 28, I knew I was going to be leaving with a kit equipped with the drug that prevents deadly overdoses.

A weekend at Governors Ball - LIHerald.com

While Long Island offers its fair share of musical venues, there's no major music festivals here that attract the biggest bands in the world. New York City is just a stone's throw away, of course, but many prefer to see live music in an outdoor, spacious setting, while being able to lie in the grass and soak in the fresh air.

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