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David C. Ridings

Past work --The Channels News Editor, Santa Barbara Independent, freelance, pro bono

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I'm a 27-year-old Bay Area native that enjoys writing about truth. I began writing for publication in Santa Barbara, Calif. Now in the Bay Area to continue doing what I love most.
Never remain idle in this life.



Holiday RAWk

by David Ridings When you're listening to interview recordings of a bunch of drunken artist and hear how manic they become while discussing their desires- it begins to sound a lot like a confession to a murder they're proud of. It was a typical Wednesday night in San Francisco just like any other-full of artistic orgies to indulge in.

Meet Tom Franco

by David Ridings / photo Jeff D. Kamm It was apparent early into the day that the artist that shook my hand wasn't like anyone I've ever met. There was a certain presence established immediately into our introduction. He's a man wielding honesty that needs no doubt and always remains true to his craft.

Santa Barbara Independent

Rampage Victim Walks During UCSB Graduation

Antony Marchiando 2014 UCSB Graduation Thunderous Applause Greets Keith Cheung as He Gets Diploma Monday, June 16, 2014 UCSB students wearing tassels, stoles, and cords flooded the streets of Isla Vista as their time to walk across the stage at the UC Santa Barbara Faculty Club Green, drew near this past Saturday, June 14.

Will FuelBox Replace the Outlet?

Santa Barbara Startup Makes Rechargeable 25-Hour Battery for Our Plugged-In World Thursday, July 3, 2014 Those traditional electrical wall outlets we're all familiar with are getting a run for their money from FuelBox, a Santa Barbara-based team of entrepreneurs who are developing a universal charging device called the powerStation as well as a mobile battery called the boostPack.

Kobe Bryant Comes to Town

Brandon Lippincott Kobe Bryant kicks off his basketball academy at UCSB on July 9. Los Angeles Lakers Star Kicks Off Annual Basketball Academy at UCSB Thursday, July 10, 2014 The Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Kobe Bryant made an appearance at the UCSB Thunderdome on Wednesday, July 9, tipping off the beginning of the eighth annual Kobe Basketball Academy, personally designed by Bryant himself.

Shellfish-Sucking Showdown at Canary Hotel | Santa Barbara Independent

Finch & Fork's second annual Shuck n' Swallow oyster-shucking-and-eating competition will take over the rooftop of the Canary Hotel on Sunday, June 29, pitting one "shucker" and one "swallower" from eight food & beverage companies against each other in a race to shellfish sucking domination.


Administration plans longterm revisions for all SBCC campuses

The Program Location and Land Use Master Plan is producing a 15-year master plan to revise facilities at all three City College campuses. The hope is to improve the use of all facilities, education programs and support services. PLLUMP is a study to improve and utilize all facilities and resources of City College.

Deadline for final grades cut short for instructors

City College is implementing a new 48-hour deadline for all instructors' grade submissions. Final grades were previously expected to arrive within 5 days of the last business day of the semester. "The two summer sessions forced us into the two day deadlines," explained Academic Senate President Kim Monda.

SBCC begins suspending students for off-campus crimes

Off-campus crimes may lead to suspension- if you're an immediate threat to personnel on campus. Students may not be conscious of contracts they agree to abide by throughout City College's initial registration process. But now off-campus consequences may take away more than just a fun thirsty Thursday night.

Academic Senate approves spring 2015 finals schedule

The Academic Senate voted to approve the final exam schedule of Spring 2015 on Wednesday, Sept. 24. This decision aims to remedy problems revolving length reduction of final block passing periods, which are now clipped to 15-minutes. This also ties into instructors' 48-hour deadline for grade submissions.

City College allied for PLLUMP change on the bright horizon

The Board of Trustees hashed out what the future has in store for City College regarding Program Location and Land Use Master Plan today, Oct. 9. PLLUMP establishes a long-term layout for the next 15 years to utilize City College's facilities and programs with the approved partnership alongside Anderson Brule Architects during the development process of PLLUMP.

SBCC Bookstore re-vamps books, basics and beyond

The City College Bookstore is re-envisioning its entire approach for the sake of student comforts, basic necessities and beyond. "We're trying to make this a community store- City College is our community," said Bookstore Services Director, Paul Miller. "It's bringing us all into this century. Eventually- our bookstore will become a hub for whatever's needed.

Instructor salaries increased to meet statewide standard

The final results for City College salary contract ratification decided the fate of instructor's salaries passing with overwhelming support Thursday, Sept. 25. The final count shows 96 percent in favor, granting more money earned by long-term instructors. An online ballot was cast on Moodle to accommodate online teachers and others that may not be able to be present.

Isla Vista community comes together for week of mourning

DAVID C. RIDINGS, Channels StaffJune 1, 2014 Filed under Activities, City of Santa Barbara, Crime, Death, Gallery, News, Off campus, Santa Barbara Area, Surfing, Top Stories Paddle Out Memorial When people arrived, at UCSB Lagoon, Isla Vista, some of them didn't expect to enter the water.

Last three victims of Isla Vista massacre identified

The three victims found in the apartment of mass murderer Elliot Rodger have been identified as UCSB students Cheng Yuan Hong, 20; George Chen, 19; and Weihan Wang, 20, according to the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office. Six victims died in the massacre that struck the Isla Vista community on Friday night.

Community remembers victims of Elliot Rodger's rampage

DAVID C. RIDINGS, Channels Staff May 28, 2014 Filed under City of Santa Barbara, Crime, Death, International, Local, National, News, On campus, Top Stories In remembrance of the Isla Vista slayings on the night of May 23, 2014, UCSB declared Tuesday, May 27, "The Day of Mourning and Reflection."

Isla Vista community mourns tragedy with candlelight vigil

DAVID C. RIDINGS, Channels Staff May 25, 2014 Filed under City of Santa Barbara, Crime, Death, Events, Gallery, Local, News, Off campus, Santa Barbara Area, Top Stories The Isla Vista community gathered together Saturday evening to mourn the devastation of the mass murder scene that unfolded Friday night by City College student Elliot Rodger, 22.

The Channels
City College gives students entrepreneurial launch pad

Bringing entrepreneurial ideas to life, the Scheinfeld Center offers a unique opportunity for City College students to work with mentors in a business environment. "Take what skills you have and turn it into a money machine," said Dr. Jon Anton, entrepreneur-in-residence and mentor. "The hardest part of the start-up is in fact, starting up."

The Channels
New Venture Challenge offers $5,000 prize to winner

The New Venture Challenge presents a resourceful platform offered to City College as well as local high school students in order to launch business pitches for prizes. Students are given the chance to share their business idea or product at the New Venture Challenge, which is judged for cash prizes up to $5,000 and marketing exposure.

The Channels
Hooman Majd talks about Iran's political landscape at SBCC

Writer: David Ridings, Channels Staff October 14, 2013 Filed under International, News, On campus, Speech, Top Stories Iranian-American, Hooman Majd, visited City College to deliver a speech on the 2013 Iranian election on Thursday, Oct. 10, in Administration Building 211. The author, journalist and American music executive was dressed in a full suit with slicked back hair.

Arts & Features

The Channels
Lower State Street offers 'funky' happy hour experiences

The Channels Arts Pages | STAFF REVIEW American Ale Reviewed by Rachel Zemanek I've had my fair share of beer, from piss poor to bottles of golden sunshine. When I saw that American Ale offered a social hour from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

The Channels
FuelBox co-founders charge cell phones, provide internships

Cell phones die, and when people are deprived of technology they desperately search for a vacant outlet -now there's a solution. FuelBox's self-titled product provides the compatibility to charge any and all mobile devices from a stationary dock that replaces traditional electrical outlets.

The Channels
Counseling student helped coin phrase 'sex, drugs, rock & roll'

Cocaine, pockets full of pills, pre-rolled joints and his obsessive compulsive disorder were always mobilized; this was the norm for the former vice president of rock promotion at Capitol Records. "I'm a flower child of the 60s," said Jeff Shane, 66, alcohol and drug counseling major.

The Channels
SBCC entrepreneurs create tampon delivery business

Walt Disney was turned down by companies, claiming he'd never sell his now-iconic mouse. But we aren't talking about mice; were talking about tampons. "My girlfriend calls me the 'Tampon Man,'" said Alexander Beauchamp, 21, and an economics major. Beauchamp and his partner Gustav Andersson, 21, are co-founders of the business Tammy's Club.

The Channels
Mystery, law and Will Ferrell grace the screen this Spring

Reviews | The Channels Arts Pages The Spoils of Babylon Reviewed by David Ridings Written by Matt Piedmont and co-directed by Andrew Steele, the IFC mini-series, " The Spoils of Babylon," is a uniquely artistic parody of television itself. What better way to introduce a mini-series than Will Ferrell playing an arrogant old, drunk, perverted writer?

The Channels
Journalist Hooman Majd to speak at SBCC about Iranian election

Writer: David C. Ridings, Staff Writer October 7, 2013 Filed under Elections, News, Politics, Preview, Speech Iranian-American Journalist and Author Hooman Majd will deliver a speech covering the Iranian election at City College from 2:30 to 4 p.m., Thurs, Oct. 10, in the Administration Building Room 211.

The Channels
Students create retractable surfboard leash, win $5,000

Jittery jaws and knocking knees were unable to prevent students from dazzling the judges with professional product pitches. From a specialized dog leash to a retractable surfboard leash, 10 teams pitched a variety of solutions to everyday problems. The room was zealous with anticipation as the New Venture Challenge commenced on Friday, May 2.


The Channels
'Traitor' Edward Snowden deserves Nobel Peace Prize

Channels Opinion Pages | STAFF COLUMN If we all told the truth, can you imagine how much we could accomplish? I bet you will begin by lying to yourself to avoid this question. Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old former Booze Allen Hamilton employee and National Security Administration contractor, has been nominated three times for a Nobel Peace Prize for helping to bring the world closer to peace.

The Channels
Black Friday is ruining the values of Thanksgiving

Writer: David C. Ridings, Channels Staff December 2, 2013 Filed under Columns, Ethics, Local, Opinion, Personal Employees working during the Black Friday frenzy hours feel trapped as it slowly becomes all about survival. Anyone with a curious nature would wonder, is this the end of our great nation?

The Channels
Column: Mental pain is a choice

Writer: David C. Ridings, Staff Writer October 7, 2013 Filed under Columns, Death, Opinion, Personal It was my choice to be there. The solidarity of the concrete was questionable. Weightlessness rushed over my body as the tunnel vision collapsed into a tight spiral.

When the booze starts flowing, who do you become?

Socrates once said; "The unexamined life is not worth living." After witnessing the bar scene over time, I was curious why bars so are entertaining to me and tantalizing to others. Do people go to bars for overpriced drinks, filthy restrooms or the oh-so interesting people?

Briefs and Multimedia

The Channels
Movie reviews: 'The Counselor,' 'Captain Phillips'

Writer: The Channels Staff November 2, 2013 Filed under A&E, Arts & Entertainment, Movies, Reviews, Top Stories The Counselor Reviewed by: Andrea Surmeier Legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott and Pulitzer Prize winning author Cormac McCarthy joined forces to produce the ultimately weak crime thriller, "The Counselor."

The Channels
Santa Barbara Activity Reviews: SB Zoo, Sea Center, Lotusland

Writer: The Channel's Staff September 13, 2013 Filed under A&E, Local, Off campus, Reviews, Top Stories Santa Barbara Zoo Reviewed by Lorenzo Lepori Although more modest in size compared to the Los Angeles and San Diego Zoos, the one here in Santa Barbara stands on its own.