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My name is Bryant Drayton and I am a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University's Robertson School of Journalism. I currently hold internship positions with VCU Athletics and Johnson Inc, as well as produce freelance work for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, covering local high school sports.

VCU Behind the Uniform

VOSCEK RACKS UP WINS IN THE CLASSROOM Former VCU Star Earns Prestigious NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship By Bryant Drayton Michal Voscek, former VCU men's tennis star, is experiencing first-hand the challenges that come with early adulthood. It's the type of responsibility he's been planning for since he was an adolescent.

The March demons lifted: VCU advances in NCAA tournament

VCU men's hoops took home a 75-67 win against Oregon State University in the first round of the NCAA tournament in Oklahoma City, denying the OSU Beavers a tournament win in their first appearance since 1990. This is VCU's sixth consecutive year playing in the tournament, but the first time the team has walked away victorious in the first round since 2013.

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Fading Away: the final tour of Laker legend Kobe Bryant - The Commonwealth Times

For basketball in the 2000s, there was no greater spectacle than Kobe Bean Bryant. With his shooting sleeve on his left arm and calf band on his right leg, fans gravitated to his every move whenever he stepped on the court. On Nov. 29, Kobe presented a letter to the game of basketball that incited ...

Oklahoma edges 4-point NCAA victory over VCU before 14k fans

Defeated, but not without a fight, VCU's Cinderella run was halted at the hands of Buddy Hield and the Oklahoma Sooners on Sunday in the second round of the NCAA tournament at the Chesapeake Bay Arena in Oklahoma City.

Press Box: Who got next?

Don't shoot ... no, don't shoot that - swish. I constantly find myself muttering this sentiment as I watch Melvin Johnson and JeQuan Lewis pull up from the parking lot. I say those words in absolute disgust every time- waving my arms in the air telling them to be patient and work the ball around as if they can actually hear me, or would even care to.

Newton's law of silencing critics -

As the opening kick-off for SuperBowl L is just under a week away, all talk has been centered on a pressing issue that has seemed to engulf American society.

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New Beginnings: Briante Weber seeks return - The Commonwealth Times

For some, "everything happens for a reason" is a phrase that helps them get through the day. For Briante Weber, it's a mantra to live by that acknowledges the road ahead offers more long-lived joy than the pain of the past. VCU's former basketball star Briante Weber suffered a grim knee injury on Jan.

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Developing a sweet tooth

Cupcakes - healthy or not, it's hard to resist the fluffy and scrumptious texture of the self-sufficient dessert. For team scheduling, the similar sentiment is evident: We all love them. Home games at the Stu provide students and alumni the perfect atmosphere for viewing a VCU basketball game.

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VCU rich with Syracuse 8 history - The Commonwealth Times

Bryant Drayton Contributing Writer In our lives, there comes a time to reflect on a moment, when all was risked for the betterment of another individual or group. Few can relish such moments or events, where the prosperity of their successors was more important than that of their own.

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Freshman sensation has early success - The Commonwealth Times

For the women's soccer team, the UCI Road World Championships have been a blessing in disguise, putting a halt on a daunting schedule that has plagued the Rams in the early portion of the season. Fortunately for VCU, a 5-foot-4 freshman from Woodbridge, Virginia has given coach Lindsey Martin a reason to be optimistic.

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The Season of Mr. Graham - The Commonwealth Times

Bryant Drayton Contributing Writer There is no doubt Treveon Graham's name will end up in the rafters at VCU, as the senior forward from Temple Hills, Maryland captivated Ram fans during his four-year career.

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