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I'm a blogger, social media marketer and an active volunteer. I'm passionate about mental health.

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Why i stopped eating corn

I saw a post online that said the best tasty corns are the ones sold by the road side near the gutter lol...i don't know how true that is, infact i don't care, why??? I HATE CORN! I remember my uni days, when it was corn season, the corn vendor would be allowed to enter...

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The bus conductor that reminded me of my father

To be honest, I really hate Lagos traffic...I think everyone does lol. The fact that I have to spend 2-4 hours of my day in a dirty rickety bus is annoying... some times these danfo buses can be scary when they a moving, shaking like its no man's business, its like they just pick rusty...

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Serving Nigeria; the camp experience

There was a point in my life,that I looked forward to wearing the fancy white shirt and green khaki but as final year drew close, the excitement vanished!🙄 One time I heard they cancelled needed to see how happy I was😏...anyways here I am, serving the nation and it has been a hell of...

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Parenting for sisters

Hey guys!i know, i know...its been a while but hey... i'm back!!😎 lol. I have been caught up in some really intense time consuming mum duties lol. So my sister's birthday was a few days ago and her graduation from high school. The event turned out really nice and i'm so glad that we killed...