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Multimedia Journalist

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I’m a one-woman band multimedia journalist obsessed with cultural, social justice and public affairs reporting. I enjoy the thrill of reporting under tight deadlines and investigating deep into complex stories. With photos, videos and interactive charts, I inform my audience in an understandable way. Here's some of my multimedia works:



USC Annenberg Media
Colleges are exploring tactics to counter controversial speakers

All across college campuses in the U.S., there have been debates about whether schools should host controversial speakers. Conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos' speech at California State University, Fullerton on Tuesday reignited this argument. At least seven people were arrested after fights broke out ahead of the speech between protesters and his supporters.

Pacific Council of International Policy
U.S.-China Naval Tensions in the South China Sea

As China celebrated its annual "National Day" holiday in the first week of October, the U.S. Navy's Pacific fleet led a show of force to deter China's military actions. The destination of the showdown was Chinese-claimed waters in the South China Sea.

Pacific Council on International Policy
Patriotic Films Win Soft Power for Chinese Government

Two recent Chinese movies, Wolf Warrior 2 and Operation Red Sea, swept the country's box office and became phenomenons on social media. Both of them have patriotic plots, pay tribute to the nation's military force and global stature, and have become the highest-grossing movies in China.

Kore Asian Media
'The Meg' Was a Test of Limits For Actress Li Bingbing

Li Bingbing has taken on another formidable task after fighting zombies and Transformers in Hollywood: A battle with an enormous prehistoric shark in the science fiction action thriller "The Meg." Starring as marine biologist Suyin, Li teams up with Jason Statham to save the crew of an international observation lab from the 75-foot-long shark Megalodon.


USC Storyspace
Why Are Young Asian Americans Killing Themselves?

Katherine Tong sat in the church pew listening to a eulogy delivered by a father who lost his son to suicide. She thought, "Thank God our family is OK." What she didn't expect was that six months later, her stepson Evan Tong ended his life in his own room saturated with carbon monoxide. He was only 17......


USC Annenberg Media
U.S. Announces New Tariffs on $200 Billion Chinese Goods

Trump administrations impose a new round of tariffs on $200 Chinese imports. A 10% duty will be imposed on these goods starting September 28, and a possible 25% tax will be applied after the New Year. The new tariffs involve a much wider range of targets including textiles, handbags and rice than the previous. It is expected to bring a widespread impact on local business, customers and the general American economy.

Annenberg TV
California Proposition 4 on the ballot

Voters in California will decide the fate of Proposition 4, a measure to authorize $1.5 billion in bonds to support infrastructures of 13 Children's hospitals. Many of them are privately owned.

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