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Love to help people find their inner voice to illuminate themselves and the world!

Have self published two mythological children's books and my first novel is due out later this year!

Love to write

Learning How To Become Your True Authentic Self

Becoming authentic is an inside job, it happens when we take off the masks we wear to suit others, it happens when we don't allow the judgments of others define us. Our thoughts are fueling our actions and if our thoughts about ourselves are untruths and not our own beliefs, then our actions are out of alignment to who we truly are.

A Lust For Life
Is Impostor Syndrome Real?

In a nutshell yes, Imposter Syndrome is very real and can be bad for our mental, physical and emotional health. But, at its essence Imposter Syndrome is just a story we repeat again and again and one that can be retold differently

Episode 1 What is Empowerment? by Dolores Andrew-Gavin

Welcome to my Women's Empowerment Podcast. I am an Author, Empowerment and Assertive Coach and Soul Care Practitioner. I help women remember and become the empowered people they already are. We can all get lost in life, being pushed and pulled by our commitments and daily routines.

4 Tips on Owning Your Business Story | Women's Inspire Network Blog

At times, you can lose touch with why you do what you do in your business. You may have set stringent goals and timelines in January because you felt you had to. However, you may find that these goals and timelines don't really fit into your life.

5 people share their shocking experiences of being in a toxic work environment

A positive and constructive work environment which values its employees is absolutely vital given the amount of time we spend at work. How ActionAid is beating period poverty and shaming in order to keep girls in school Quite often many of us spend more time in our work environment, surrounded by our colleagues, than we do at home amongst our family and friends.

Why Creating Healthy Boundaries is Essential for Kids

The ability to create healthy boundaries is a wonderful tool to have at any time of our life. It helps us keep our emotions flowing, while not taking on or internalising everything that is said to, or done to us. For kids it's a really useful life skill.