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Daniel O'Donnell

Content Marketing Professional

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A thoughtful, goal-oriented and versatile team leader and project manager. A creator who thrives on synthesizing data, analysis and relevant insights to deliver content that tells a meaningful and engaging story and achieves specific objectives.


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Design Challenge: Portable Electric Car Charger Wins Awards

To be truly innovative, you must embrace risk. In the world of architecture, Alvin Huang, founder and lead engineer at the Los Angeles-based studio Synthesis Design + Architecture, explained there's very little room in the practical space for risk.

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Clean Startup Turning Trash Into Fuel For A Greener Planet

One of the most difficult parts of turning a town's waste into usable energy isn't the process itself-it's winning over community members who are most affected by landfills, according to Andy Gotsch, process engineer for Fiberight, a Maryland-based clean-technology startup that transforms waste into renewable biofuels.



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