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A portfolio of the work I did for my master's degree in International Journalism at City, University of London

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Urban Growth London at Pop Brixton: Teaching the Urban Gardener

Article & photos by Eithne Dodd The benefits of gardening in a city like London are many: it's a chance to grow your food, save some money, and spend time in the fresh air. It's also good for the environment as plants absorb CO2 and release oxygen and we all know that London's air is...

This Robot Helps People With Autism And Dementia

Pepper can speak, show pictures and video through its tablet, and run for 12 hours on battery power before needing to be recharged. Because Pepper is a social robot, it can read and interpret facial expressions, allowing communication with humans.

Consumers Fight Back by The World This Week Podcast

This week Eithne and John discuss consumers winning and losing in the world of gaming and the environment. John looks at the recent controversy over microtansactions in Star Wars Battlefront and Eithne has a look at a schools that have banned glitter for environmental reasons.

The Challenges Insurance Companies Face With Driverless Cars

They're already here, but they have yet to go mainstream. Self-driving cars are currently undergoing trials in Coventry, Milton Keynes and Greenwich. As automated vehicles become the norm, the insurance market needs to adapt. "It's very much a state of flux.

MA International Journalism City, University of London
The Flash Briefing: The National Dailies Making News Bulletins

By 2020, it is estimated that half of all worldwide internet searches will be made using the voice and news companies are catching up. News services have always answer text based queries with text based answer so why should it not be the same for the voice?

End of an Era by The World This Week Podcast

In the wake of the coup in Zimbabwe, we talk about what happens when a leader who's been around almost as long as anyone can remember dies, resigns, or is deposed. Eithne tells us what's happening to Sinn Fein in the wake of Gerry Adams' resignation, and Dakshi lets us in on the power-grabbing shenanigans in the federal government of Tamil Nadu.


The third episode from The World This Week podcast

What the 1800s and Luddites Taught Us

The troops could not control the men gathered in Nottingham's marketplace. The men were framework knitters, angered at the introduction of wide frames three decades earlier. They began to riot and at Arnold, a town north-east of Nottingham, 63 framework knitters were destroyed.

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