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Darren Johnson

Freelance Writer for Intact Info

Location icon United States of America

Darren is an English Major recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from Christendom College, looking for work as a Copywriter or Editor.

He is a versatile writer with experience working for Christendom College, WestCoast Media, and Intact Info.


Intact Info

Dr Vikki
Important Foot Health Tips

Athletes are busy people. Whether they're students balancing homework and extracurricular activities, or 9-5 workers trying to stay in shape in the evenings, athletes only have limited time for everything else. Focus on diet, exercise, and responsibilities, foot health is one of the last things on an athlete's list of concerns.

Anaheim Ducks Ophthalmologist Dr. Ghosheh

Hockey isn't exactly the safest sport: twelve players darting around on skates after a small puck, body-checking opponents. With a puck measuring only three inches in diameter, clear eyesight is essential for any hockey player. But all the action-not to mention the velocity of the puck combined with the sharpness of the skates-make hockey players prone to a bevy of injuries.

How A Subscription Model Can Benefit Your Business

If you are in the business of selling content-whether that means lectures, courses, webinars, how-to books, etc.-there are many different ways for you to price your services. However, the million-dollar question remains: how do you draw customers in? You could try to sell all of your content packaged under a single, large fee.

How to Choose the Right Rubber Seal for Your Product Needs

There are many different rubber molding processes, including injection, compression, transfer molding, and extrusion. Each process has its own unique advantages, but extrusion is capable of producing complex cross-sections and a smooth surface. These options are available with several different seals, including bulb, bulb trim, lip, door, and accordion seals.

8 Types of Content That Will Strengthen Your Medical Blog

As we outlined previously in this blog, medical practices need to take advantage of social media and blog content in order to reach out to consumers increasingly reliant on the internet for their medical questions. But if you've never blogged before, you're probably wondering how you can keep writing without repeating yourself.

WestCoast Magazine

WestCoast Media
I'm a Breast Cancer Survivor - WestCoast Media

By Sabrina Short and Darren Johnson "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have." - Cayla Mills Has your life ever been shattered? Have you ever experienced the mirror of life exploding into millions of fragments?

WestCoast Media
Empty Bowls Dinner

Take a second to think about November. You may have thought of cool, brisk weather, falling leaves, your extended family, watching football, and a hearty Thanksgiving meal. But what many of us forget is that not everyone can enjoy these things.

Christendom College
Harvard's $35 Billion Endowment and Sirius XM's Finances in Hands of Christendom Alumni

March 4, 2015 Sean Kay ('97) and Michele Velasco ('91) are two of Christendom's most successful alumni, working in the field of finance and accounting. Kay, a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Velasco, the vice president of finance at Sirius XM Radio, were the featured speakers at this week's "Life on Tap" networking event, held in St.

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