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When I entered college as a biology major, if you told me that later down the line I would be pursuing a careers that utilize my skills in writing and communications I would have laughed you off. Now, I am still laughing though only from the joy of pursuing my passion. With 4 years of experience writing for the AP-style adherent Ramapo News, as well as publishing other articles since graduating via my blog, The Musing Corner, I have gained the skills necessary to write about any topic while consistently crafting a text that entices the reader while also remaining informative. Below you'll find a selection of pieces that I feel best encapsulate both the breadth and depth of my writing, researching, and communicative skills. My hope is that this selection demonstrates my abilities as writer. You point me in a direction, and I'll produce a quality copy that is second to none.


News stories

Contract Disputes Cause Faculty Frustration

On June 30, the state of New Jersey allowed their labor contract with the faculty and staff of New Jersey state institutions to expire. The American Federation of Teacher's union, or AFT, sought to extend its 2011 contract with the state through the Department of Employee Relations, but the proposal was ultimately rejected.

Students React to New Fall Schedule, Task Force Prepares Revisions for Spring

As the new school year begins, so too does a new schedule. Due to difficulties with the previous schedule in living up to federal and Middle States regulations that legitimize institutions of higher education, specifically with regard to the Course Enrichment Component, or CEC, once unique to the College, Ramapo has adopted a new schedule to better comply with these requirements.

Election Live Stream Aired to a Varied Student Body

Election Day is a time for the celebration of civic duty and the power of the vote. However, it has been no secret that the mood in the air is rather dry and lacking in enthusiasm as the chief candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have been berated by scandals, controversial statements and criticism of each other.

Anisfield Partners with Non-profit Small Business Resource

A new opportunity has emerged for students in the Anisfield School of Business. Ramapo College has entered into a partnership with the New Jersey Small Business Development Center (NJSBDC), the Paramus Post reported. "A lot of our students have their own aspirations about starting a small business," said the Dean of Anisfield School of Business Lewis Chakrin.

Harvard and M.I.T. Sued for Inadequate Closed Captioning for Online Classes

Photo courtesy of Daderot, Wikimedia Commons Earlier this month, several disability advocate groups such as the Disability Law Center of Massachusetts and the National Association of the Deaf filed a lawsuit against Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the lack of, and inadequate use of, closed captioning in their online courses, lectures and other material.

Ramapo Students See No Increase in Tuition

It is no secret that tuition rates have been increasing at an alarming rate for quite a while now, but Ramapo students will be given a reprieve from this ongoing trend. As reported by The Star Ledger, Ramapo College and the College of Saint Elizabeth decided to not raise tuition for this academic year, unlike other four-year New Jersey schools, who saw an increase in their tuition.

Opinions and Analysis

The Musing Corner
Who Wears the Yellow Vest?

Romantic images have always seemed to circulate in the imaginations of Americans when they think towards Paris. Not just for the promise of a good meal, or a getaway with a lover, but on noble political struggle. An assurance that the mistreated underclasses can rise up to rid themselves of an aloof king and craft...

Altered net neutrality rules will change the internet

On Nov. 21 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released plans to dismantle rules regarding net neutrality, which prohibits Internet Service Providers (ISP) from blocking, slowing down or charging more for the delivery of certain internet content of their choosing.

Agatha Christie remake is well worth a one-way ticket

Adapting "Murder on the Orient Express" to film in our contemporary period is a bit of a challenge. The original Agatha Christie classic created an unnerving claustrophobic setting accompanied by a great focus on detailed conversations and investigation that mystery stories of that time period were famous for.

Marathons shouldn't discriminate against trans-women

Photo courtesy of @EntirelyAmelia, Twitter Recently, the magazine Canadian Running published a piece highlighting the achievements of three transgender women who managed to qualify for the women's division of this year's Boston Marathon, Stevie Romer of Woodstock, Illinois, Amelia Gapin of Jersey City, New Jersey and Grace Fisher of Hancock, Maryland.