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Dr. Dinorah Nieves is a life coach, writer and motivational speaker known for her unique brand of edgy enlightenment. A former mediator, counselor, advice columnist and university professor, Dr. Nieves has spent over a decade helping people to reach their highest potential - both personally and professionally. She has engaged students at Fordham and Pace Universities, to name just two of her academic assignments and has presented on several topics ranging from "The Impact of Poverty" to "How to Form and Maintain Healthy Relationships". With counseling positions for the "Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation" and the "Mary J. Blige Center for Women & Girls" under her belt, Dr.Nieves made Leadership Development the focus of her past five years in executive management within the nonprofit sector; leading teams of managers toward more reflective and productive practices. Now, her clients range from individuals to corporations and everything in between, and her days are spent coaching people toward their highest potential. Her approach is described as a synthesis of insight, training and spirituality blended with wit, sass and spunk. A young, vibrant, New York Latina, Dr. Nieves' urban approach extends beyond her coaching, into her art, poetry and style. If you are ready to take responsibility for your choices, take control over your life and work hard toward your goals, she'll show you how, help you grow and guide you toward optimal outcomes.

Writing is one of the many ways that Dr. Dee (Dinorah Nieves) expresses her creativity and channels her passion.

Free Yourself From Stress... In Just Three Steps

Just a week or so ago, many of us spent the 4th of July celebrating America's Independence and basking in our own freedom. We love the smell of fresh barbecue and laughs with friends. It's almost enough to hide one devastating truth. We're not so liberated after all!


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is a month dedicated to acknowledging the prevalence of relationship abuse, honoring the strength of survivors and informing the public consciousness. As such, the focus is often on red flags and warning signs that can help keep you safe from getting into a harmful romance.

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Get Serious About Self-Care: 8 Questions You Must Ask Yourself!

These days, you can read about "self-care" almost anywhere. Advertisers are always offering to help us achieve it. Office newsletters keep warning us about the healthcare costs associated with not doing it and photos of Mani/Pedis fill our Instagram pages with it as a hashtag.

Love Yourself in February - What's Happening - The Guidance Center

February is Self-Esteem Month. Research shows that high self-esteem can yield academic and professional achievement, healthier interpersonal relationships, and positive physical and mental health. Everyone can use a little boost now and then. Here are some tips for raising your self-esteem and loving yourself a little more. Focus on growth.


It's easy to get caught up in talks of a struggling economy or get excited by a clearance sale. But our thoughts and beliefs about money usually run much deeper than what gets triggered by a news article or an emailed coupon.

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5 Social Media Don'ts

There are over 7 billion people walking the earth and almost half of them are internet users. Among Americans alone, research shows that 65% of adults are using social media. That's roughly two-thirds of grown-ups in the U.S. spending almost two hours of every day posting, liking, sharing, tweeting, pinning and commenting.

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Live Your 'Plan A' Life!

According to a recent study by The Conference Board, more than half of Americans are dissatisfied in their current careers. That is eight to ten hours of our day and the bulk of our energy dedicated to doing things that we neither love nor enjoy! Why, you ask?

Book Reviews

"How Children Succeed" Book Review - What's Happening - The Guidance Center

How do we promote the development of skills which result from experiences that we simultaneously condemn? That was the conundrum that my brain entertained as I read How Children Succeed by Paul Tough. I have long been convinced that resilience is a necessary asset in the lives of individuals who want to progress.

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In The Zone

Book Review - Raquel Rivera's "Nuyoricans From The Hip Hop Zone"

Cultural Commentaries

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Latin Jazz

A Historical Review of Latin Jazz Music

Urban Latino Magazine
La Lupe

A Historical Review of the Career of Singer, La Lupe

Entertainment Interviews

Urban Latino Magazine
Bobby Can

Interview with Actor, Bobby Canavale

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