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Digital Media Masters graduate.
Communications Coordinator for Kaleidoscope Trust.
Queer Creative.

Why is LGBTQ+ media so often white washed?

Rhammel O'Dwyer-Afflickhas worked across LGBT+ media and is a big voice of queer people of colour working in the media in the UK. "LGBT+ media in the UK reflects what UK media is doing and neither of them is very diverse."

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Photography exhibition asks - How much of gender is a performance?

How much of our gender is a performance? | Photo: Supplied As a non-binary person, I am always keen to go see queer art and culture throughout history. I knew I had to visit the Photographers' Gallery in central London when I heard they had an exhibition on about gender nonconforming people from the 1800's onwards.

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Why wearing makeup is my way of putting a finger up to gender roles

Genderqueer Darren Mew on why: 'just like an artist paints on a canvas - I paint on my face.' Darren Mew is unashamedly 'Femme Forever' | Photo: Facebook Over the past four years, I have found a love for cosmetics. My love affair initially started with me wanting to cover the dark circles under my eyes with concealer.

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Introducing TSKENYA: The Footwear Brand Free From Gendered Marketing

This year, gender has been a big topic in the LGBT+ community. More and more people now identify outside of the traditional gender binaries and more people are aware of different gender identities. Over the past few years, fashion companies like Zara, H&M and ASOS have come out with gender-neutral clothing and makeup, which is obviously fab.


Although the young man has denied the report, The Sun made sure to splash his face all over the article. As well as publishing images taken from the man's supposed adult films, the tabloid appears to have sent photographers to the man's home to take undercover photos of him taking out the bins.

Croydon security officer becomes world champion bodybuilder | Eastlondonlines

A south Croydon bodybuilder became the world champion in drug-free bodybuilding this month. Mohammed Basith is a natural bodybuilder living in Southbridge Road, Croydon. Natural bodybuilding is a movement for bodybuilders who abstain from performance-enhancing drugs The 43-year-old won the National Championships in Birmingham in October, qualifying for the World Championships, held in Miami on November 4.

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Sir Ian McKellen and Graham Norton head up Pride in London's #NoFilter campaign

Pride in London is almost upon us, and the theme for next weekend's (June 25) annual celebration of love and equality is #NoFilter. Dreamt up by creative agency WCRS and Pride in London, the campaign is all about not having to hide who you are and who you love, being able to live your life without covering up anything.

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Open relationships are now the most common form of partnership in gay and bi men

Open relationships are now most common form of partnership among gay and bisexual men, a new survey has found. The survey taken by The Melbourne Gay Community Periodic Survey into the sexual behaviour of gay and bisexual men in the Australian state of Victoria found that 32% of the 2886 men questioned were in open relationships.

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Holding the Man stars 'pretended to be a couple off-screen'

In our June issue - available to download now - Neil Armfield, director of Australia's tear jerking gay drama Holding the Man, talks about his connection with the film, the relationship between the film's two stars, Ryan Corr and Craig Scott, and being gay in the 1970s.

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Another gay venue to close in London

After more than 60 years, The Queen's Head in Chelsea is set to close down. The Queen's Head on Tyron Street, which has been described as one "key gay drinking destination" in London, is set to close next month.

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Drag queen wears crown covered in HIV-positive blood to Belfast Pride

Boombox regular performer, Electra, wore a crown painted in HIV+ blood to Belfast Pride earlier this month to help spread awareness of the infection. She told Belfast Live: "My princess ball gown is topped off with a beautiful tiara. Look closely, and you will see the red hue.

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Daily Mail's casual homophobia called out on Twitter

According to The Daily Mail two straight people kissing is more acceptable then two men hugging. Last week the Daily Mail published an article criticising two British Olympic divers, Jack Laughter and Chris Mears, for celebrating their gold medal win with a hug saying 'Steady on chaps', before contrasting it with the Chinese team's "manly" pat on the back.