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I'm an Australian writer currently living in the UK.

The Sydney Morning Herald
Sometimes, 'self-care' isn't supposed to make you feel good

Opinion Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size If someone tells me to have a bubble bath one more time I just may scream. In recent years, self-care has shifted in mainstream dialogue from having a specific definition to being loosely applied to anything vaguely related to feeling good.

ABC News
I bought my female empowerment for the bargain price of $699

Posted May 11, 2017 04:53:32 It's always enjoyable to look back on vintage advertisements through the lens of today. How could beauty campaigns ostensibly calling women too fat or ads comparing wives to kitchen appliances possibly be seen as acceptable, let alone sell consumer goods? You see, modern gals are too smart for those ads.

The Age
Forcing ourselves to feel happy can make us feel a whole lot worse

By Deirdre Fidge Updated first published at Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size Have you ever encountered a suffering sandwich? No, I'm not referring to a baguette with tinnitus or a panini going through a divorce. Has there been a time where you have experienced a negative emotion, and then felt bad for feeling that way?

Please Stop Screaming When You Sneeze

I would like to propose all loud sneezers wear badges on their shirts, or even brightly-coloured hats, as a signal of their complete lack of control. Welcome to Junkee's most pure column: Heartfelt Rants About Extremely Petty Gripes, where very funny people get mildly peeved about something stupid, such as scream-sneezing.

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