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United States

Devon Ellington publishes under multiple names in both fiction and non-fiction. She is also an internationally-produced playwright and radio writer. She writes novels, stage plays, radio plays, articles, blog posts, short stories, and every kind of marketing writing one can imagine.

In articles, she has covered horse racing, ice hockey, traditional Scottish games, cooking, gardening, well-being, meditation, tarot, writing, publishing, travel, and more.

She publishes under the Devon Ellington byline most often. Other connected names are Ava Dunne, Christy MIller (or C.G. Miller or Christy Garnet Miller), Christiane Van de Velde, Jenny Storm, and Annabel Aidan.

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Script Magazine
The Company of (Historical) Women, Part 1

It all started with Louisa May Alcott, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and The Childhood of Favorite Americans series. In the second grade, I found this series in my elementary school library. I checked out the books on Alcott and Stowe so often my grandmother bought them. I still have them.

Script Magazine
From Eye to Ear: Adapting from Stage to Radio

Stage plays use a combination of visual, words, and live audience. Radio uses sound to drive narrative and reveal character.. Several of my radio plays are comic noir mysteries, where tropes familiar from the noir mystery genre in both film and radio's Golden Age are turned inside out.

The Writer Magazine
Writing For Radio

Radio drama relies on sound and sound alone

Write Naked
Guest Post: The Anti-Niche Writer

Have you decided to specialize your freelance writing? I started specializing a few years ago. Our guest contributor Devon Ellington poses several reasons why the route of generalist might be the better way to go. The Anti-Niche Writer By Devon Ellington Curiosity may kill cats, but it adds to my bank balance.

Cape Women Online-Limitless Passion to Save Marine Life

by Devon Ellington The backbone of any successful non-profit organization is an enthusiastic, passionate, talented staff. The National Marine Life Center in Buzzards Bay is a prime example. Walking into the Discovery Center of NMLC, you are enchanted by the brightly colored murals and the clever, tactile displays.

The Healthy Freelance Life: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Living a healthy freelance life means being a well-rounded writer in all areas of your life-both personally and professionally-and nurturing your health and well being. These three articles will help you do just that.

Tracking Your Banged Buck: Make Sure Your PR Pays Off

Authors are responsible for the bulk of their marketing, and there are plenty of companies willing to help-for a fee. The choice of where to spend money is important, but so is a return on investment. Devon Ellington interviews authors K.R.
A Lesson in Empathy: PW Talks with Priscille Sibley

Registered nurse Priscille Sibley dissects the complicated ethics of two divisive arguments-the right-to-die and a woman's right to choose-in her heartrending debut novel, The Promise of Stardust. Was there one particular trigger than inspired this book, or was it a culmination of your experience?
Train Dreams: PW Talks with Christina Baker Kline

The lives of two orphans run parallel in Orphan Train, Christina Baker Kline's new novel. How long did this book take to research and write? I stumbled on to the story of the orphan trains a decade ago.