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Real Rap and the Death of Bankroll Fresh | Mass Appeal

It's with great sadness we share the news that rising rapper Bankroll Fresh died this past Friday night in Atlanta, Georgia. According to ATL's Fox 5 News, the 28-year-old emcee's body was discovered at Street Execs Studios. Dozens of shell casings were recovered at the scene, indicating Bankroll's death may have been the result of a homicide.

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Dâm-FunK Reflects on the Legacy of Prince | Mass Appeal

Any writer hoping to definitively eulogize Prince in the wake of his untimely passing will find themselves struggling to truly capture the artist. No amount of prose can encapsulate Prince's legacy, for it is infinite.

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Dr. Dax Comes Clean About Doing Dirt in the A

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Here's Everything We Know About the 'VIEWS' Production Credits

Drake's digital booklet for VIEWS offers little to production-minded fans, other than a Games of Thrones-inspired lookbook with a modern twist. So, until the final production credits are released, we won't be able to take an honest and comprehensive look at the various musicians that contributed to the world-minded sound manifested on VIEWS.

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The Spiritual Friendship of Gareth Jones and Nick Hook | Mass Appeal

Gareth Jones and Nick Hook's respective music careers share a distinguishable characteristic that can be loosely described as a creative spirit to experiment. With their praises relatively unsung, they've produced and engineered for an array of formative (some might even say divisive) artists, from Depeche Mode to Young Thug.

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How El-P Ruined Childhoods and The Berenstein Bears

Before reading this, we recommend you go to a secluded area to contain the blast radius when your mind explodes. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and count to fuck. What's the earliest memory you have of your childhood? Are there specific details that stand out?

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Bobby Shmurda's Lawyer: "Everybody's F***ing Snitching"

In less than six months, Bobby Shmurda made it from the streets of Brooklyn to the Billboard charts to behind bars. The 20-year-old born Ackquille Pollard is no longer a star, but a statistic-another black male being embraced by America's prison system rather than his father, who is also currently incarcerated.

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Can REMi and Sensible J Make it in America?

Photos by Andrew Boyle There are thousands of up-and-coming hip hop acts in the United States vying for your attention, and you'd be out of your damn mind to try and listen to all of them. Sifting through all the shit to find the shitcan be maddening in itself.

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