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Deven Bhagwandin is a former hospitality professional who lives in Houston. He has been a freelance writer since 2013 and enjoys sharing his expertise on all aspects of the hospitality industry. He is also a Polymath and enjoys writing about his journey and the skills he’s learned along the way.

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Hospitality Net
Hospitality Net - Why do you want to Own A Restaurant?

Before you even get involved with the cost of starting a business or worrying about how to start your own restaurant, search your soul. I'll ask you the question. Why do you want to own a restaurant? What's your reason for thinking you can survive in the faced paced world of the service industry?

Work Afar
Managing Cultural and Language Divides within Your Remote Team - Work Afar

Companies no longer need to stay within a certain geographic location when seeking out candidates. This avoids a myriad of traditional business expenses such as employee relocation costs, office space costs, and a host of other expenditures associated with keeping employees happy, comfortable, and productive within one location.

Hospitality Net
Hospitality Net - The Service Industry Dilemma | By Deven Bhagwandin

By Deven Bhagwandin, Freelance Hospitality Content Writer Danny Meyer recently announced that he would begin phasing tipping out of all thirteen of his restaurants in New York City. This has become a hot button issue that is increasingly front and center in the service industry. The Dilemma.

Working with the Health Department

Working with health inspectors is an everyday reality of the hospitality industry. It's one of those things we do so often we start to take it for granted. You know, like your daily duties, food prep, or cleaning duty checklists. After going through them so many times, you know them by heart and start to...

Hospitality Included: Should your service business move past tipping?

Danny Meyer recently announced that he would begin phasing tipping out of all thirteen of his restaurants in New York City. This has become a hot button issue that is increasingly front and center in the service industry. The Dilemma. As an owner or manager, you are faced constantly by the challenge the constant resentment between...


1. Snow

I've always been fascinated by snow. I loved it when I was a little kid, but I hated the cold. I still love and hate snow now. I don't know why. Maybe it's because with snow comes silence. The two go hand in hand. I love silence.

The Constant Whisper

The wind was talking to me. It was talking to me. To get my attention? To educate me? To warn me? I don't know, But the wind was talking to me. Whispers. The way of the wind. Interjecting. Convincing. Convincing you of it's way. Pushing you into it's path; Forcing you into it's path.


Luckily, thirty days became eighteen. Eighteen fucking days rotting In a room with forty others. Rancid, malnourished, on edge, Constantly protecting myself and my things From human roaches. Only allowed to shower two times a week, Metal and concrete everywhere And not a round edge in site.

Rainy Days

You once told me you need to be held While the thunder rolls. I once caught you telling another that, While you said you loved me. I gave you too much of myself. Maybe the thunder was trying to warn me. The rain still hasn't washed the blue of your eyes From my memory.

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The Weekly Notion
Dan Price/Jesus Christ

Back in April, Dan Price, the co-founder of Gravity, shocked the business world by announcing that within the next three years all of his employees will be paid a minimum wage of $70,000 a year. On November 10, 2015, while a guest on The Daily Show, Price was asked by Trevor Noah if he really meant...

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Now that winter is upon us, men are forced to bundle up. However, you don't have to sacrifice style for the sake of warmth. With the right accessories, you can add a touch of flair to that trench coat, parka, or bomber jacket.

A world critical of gun control in the U.S.

America's ability and motivation to reduce gun related fatalities is called into question on the world stage. The polarizing topic of gun control in the U.S. is once again in the national and world spotlight as gun manufacturer PARA USA calls for a boycott of the film Taken 3 .

Texas 9-year-old fights for medical marijuana

Nine-year-old Alexis Bortell fights to legalize medical marijuana in Texas. A 9-year-old in Texas has become the new face in the debate over the legalization of medical marijuana. Alexis Bortell and her parents are residents of Rowlett, Texas, a small suburb east of Dallas.

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