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Devan Brettkelly

Writer, Copy-editor

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Devan Brettkelly is a creative copywriter based in San Francisco. She holds an MFA in fiction from Saint Mary's College, and a B.A. in English from Scripps College. She has 3 years of copywriting experience on the editorial team at Gap Online. She has interned at Zyzzyva literary journal, as well as 826 Valencia.

Barely South Review
The V Formation

Devan Brettkelly All Together Now Margot and I ran up and down the hall, slipping sock-footed on the hardwood floors while Aunt Phoebe sat at the piano, playing ragtime. Mom scooped Margot up, put her down so that Margot's feet were on top of hers. They danced around like that, like they were in...

Tumblr- Travel Blog
Notes from Crowsnest

Yesterday was sunny, so I went to check out Hillcrest, because I knew Thomas Gushul photographed the Hillcrest mine disaster. Google maps took me to a random location in Hillcrest, so I drove around until I saw a sign for Hillcrest Mine Disaster Memorial.

A Valley of Phantoms: 'Angel of Oblivion' by Maja Haderlap

In her novel Angel of Oblivion (289 page; Archipelago Books), Maja Haderlap depicts a dilapidated, Slovenian-speaking valley in Austria following World War II. During the war, the Nazis identified this area in the south of the country as one riddled with partisans. Many were hunted down and killed, while others were taken away to the camps.

Under the Volcano: 'Moonstone: The Boy Who Never Was' by Sjon

Sjon's latest novel, Moonstone: The Boy Who Never Was (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux Books, 145 pages), set in Reykjavik in 1918, is the story of sixteen-year-old Máni Steinn (a.k.a. Moonstone). The boy's guardian is "the old lady"-his grandmother's sister who took him in after his mother died when he was just six.

Roaming the Metaphorical 'Jungle Around Us' : Q&A with Anne Raeff

In Anne Raeff's story collection, The Jungle Around Us (140 pages, University of Georgia Press), nine stories span decades, covering numerous lives and multiple "jungles"; urban, Amazonian, and metaphorical, to name a few. In these "jungles," Raeff's characters face a Russian nesting-doll of isolation.

"The V Formation" by Devan K. Brettkelly

The V Formation is a novelette which explores second-person narration, complex familial relationships, and grief. It questions what standards society sets for families, parents in particular, and what happens when your kin does not conform to these standards. As you grow older, how are you limited or how do you have authority in creating your family?

Possession of the Wheel: 'The Red Car' by Marcy Dermansky

Marcy Dermansky's newest novel, The Red Car (206 pages, Liveright/Norton), moves much like the car it features: fast and unpredictable. It covers three stages and sixteen years of narrator Leah Kaplan's life, beginning with her as a college freshman, then leading to her bumbling entry into adulthood, and finishing with her early thirties, when she's a writer living in Queens with a possessive husband whom she does not love.